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You’re Invited!

So much fun, making colorful fruits and veggies! This is for the TDAC Eat the Rainbow design challenge. The only hard part was deciding which of my favorites to illustrate. I love them all!

I used simple shapes to create the eats. With a little help from gradients and shadows to add dimension. Click to view more details. My plan was to paint the images. Life got in the way, the deadline got closer and I decided to go digital. I surprised myself at how quickly I put this together. Whew!

There are just over 200 entrants, four will be showcased in a featured collection on TDAC for two weeks. The whole idea is to get designers seen by art directors and creative professionals. Well, I don’t have to be one of the four to do that! This is the first in a series of challenges. I am looking forward to taking part in each of them.

Your invitation has arrived!

The Art On 45 show is on now! All works on view for two weeks. The auction takes place March 16th. If you find yourself in Ruston Louisiana, stop by and take a look! It’s been so much fun taking part and following Christiane’s progress with the event! Thank you Christiane for inviting me to participate!

Miss You Much. 7 inches, acrylic and pen on vinyl. © 2018 Sheila Delgado.
Miss You Much. 7 inches, acrylic and pen on vinyl. © 2018 Sheila Delgado.

August Posts

Opted to do two extremely long posts to reinstall missing posts from July and August. I had copies of all but the two most recent articles. Thank goodness for Google Chrome cache! I had to learn how to recover some of the missing posts from that.

I have been in crises mode for a week, since the server went down. Not sure if I would have my site back, able to post for the painting challenge. And it is not lost on me,  that I was in the same mode this time last year. Remember? Just moved, and nowhere to set up the computer. Sure hope every August in Arizona won’t be so eventful!

Tally so far: 10 posts lost, Maps and Recipes gallery page lost, one draft lost, captcha lost. And I may have to reinstall all of this again. But now I have copies, and it should go more smoothly. Still need to add links to this post, but that can wait a bit.

I will post art for September first, but it may be late in the day. So excited to see the 30 in 30 gallery!! Have fun everyone!!


Trees Again


Trees, again. 6 x 6 mixed media on paper. © 2017 Sheila Delgado

Trees, again. 6 x 6 mixed media on paper. © 2017 Sheila Delgado


Paint to paper. Finally. See the original and the digital revision. My first reaction is that I went TOO dark. I mixed indigo and Shiraz Inktense watercolor pencil for the dark. What do  you think?

Counting this as done. Good practice for the next in the series. Must remember the darks!



He Was A One Eyed, One Eared…


One Ear. 6 x 6 Watercolor on gessoed paper. © 2017 Sheila Delgado

One Ear. 6 x 6 Watercolor on gessoed paper. © 2017 Sheila Delgado


While I was painting, I was wondering why this rabbit looked so different from those I have painted before. Easy answer. Recycled painting. I was working on gessoed watercolor paper.

I will be painting this one again. I want it to fit in with the other bunny pieces I have done. They are soft and well blended. You can see them here and here.

With the gesso, it is very easy to lift color. That will make it easy for my to go back in and lighten the background, if I choose to. But it also make it difficult to add layers. You can see on the fur, lots of hard edges and just an overall “messy” look.

I enjoyed the process, even though I am not pleased with the outcome. The next one will be better!

He sat for a long time, in front  of the drainage ditch. A neighbor came walking up towards him, and he did not move right away. Made me wonder if he really is missing an ear. I waited to see if I could catch him coming out, but I think he decided to take a nap. I will b e on the look out for a one eared bunny from now on.



Crown Of Glory

Mingus Light, 2017 SMD

Mingus Light, 2017 SMD


Sharing my fascination with the view again. Started out a sweet, soft pink. Moments later, intense warmth filled the sky. The entire mountain range was capped with a gorgeous golden glow, pristine peachy, pinks, and blinding whites.


Mingus Bright, 2017 SMD

Mingus Bright, 2017 SMD



Watercolor and pen on paper. SMD

Watercolor and pen on paper. SMD

More work from art school here. Late 80’s vintage. This piece was about 12 x 16 inches. The watercolor was on horribly inexpensive watercolor paper. I remember I painted this at least six times before I was half way happy with the result. I vaguely recall starting with more of a rainbow in the background. There was some yellow in there. The instructor suggested a more monochromatic approach. The letters were printed on a sheet of acetate.

SMD, late 80’s

SMD, late 80’s

The next few paintings were influenced by 80’s pop artist Patrick Nagel. Though I did not know his name at the time. This style was everywhere. On MTV, on album covers, posters and T-shirts.

It is clear that the paper was not easy to work with. Uneven colors, stains, and bloom edges. Lack of control, and certainly lack of knowledge on my part. All of the women had a skin tone. But the scanner was just not picking it up. The redhead has a vivid green eye shadow. The pencil marks were much stronger as well, and in multiple colors.



SMD, late 80's

SMD, late 80’s

Teacher’s comment: The models are wonderfully painted, the background falls short however – should have been a strong solid color like the heads. (Looks like she crossed out a “B” grade.)

Don’t know why this next one wasn’t turned in. It is unfinished, the eyelashes. I bet it had to do with the drippy, uneven background. Thanks for taking a look – happy day to you!



SMD, late 80's

SMD, late 80’s



Food And Travel


Sunset over Mingus. SMD

Sunset over Mingus. SMD


A couple of nights ago, we had the view above in front.

And the view below, out back.

Great night!


Sunset before the storm. KRD

Sunset before the storm. KRD






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Roasted Peppers, © 2012 Sheila Delgado

Roasted Peppers, © 2012  Sheila Delgado

Twenty twelve seems to have been my year of recipes and maps. I hadn’t started blogging yet. In addition to that, I wrote over 30 articles on wellness for I had hoped it would generate extra income. The site no longer exists, so you can tell how that went. I think I received a small check, once. For each article, I created artwork as well.

I am sure that the experience of writing and posting for Examiner, gave me the courage to create my site. To start writing about my art. Stepping stones.

I’ve spent the last few days cleaning my computer seems to be a theme starting. I realized that I have never posted the maps and recipes here, naturally. And if this blog is a record of my journey, it would be incomplete without them. Adding a new gallery page takes care of that. Take a peek, and visit the site links on the page to see a HUGE view. Thanks for looking!





“Fish Kites”. Watercolor and pen on paper. 2010 Sheila Delgado

“Fish Kites”. Watercolor and pen on paper. 2010 Sheila Delgado

Out of sight, out of mind. I opened my art portfolios, and what a surprise. I time warped back to college. Only a few pieces survived from then. Most of what I found was from 2010 forward. Still wonderful to see again. I would call these “early works”, ha ha. Early, from the time I decided to focus on art.

I thought I had given these away. I remember taking a stab at making a repeat design out of them. Pretty sure those files were on the laptop that died. Koinobori have a long tradition. Don’t ask me how I feel about the fact that they were originally meant to celebrate boys only. Times have changed, and now they are part of Children’s Day celebrations in Japan.

Also found some not-so-successful watercolor abstract attempts. Gorgeous colors though, and I am thinking I can use them for collage. A la Dotty, and Laly, and Bob.

Just a few weeks until the 30 in 30, hands up if you are planning to take the challenge! I am looking forward to it. I know, nuts!

Hope to see you there!






Bountiful And Sprinkle Bells Now On TDAC Feast


Bountiful, Surface design, watercolor, © 2013 Sheila Delgado,

Sprinkle Bells. Surface design, watercolor, © 2011 Sheila Delgado

They Draw and Cook has introduced a feature called FEAST. Along with showcasing amazing illustrated recipes, they now include food related designs. Patterns, posters, anything “foodie”. How fun is that!

These are two designs from when I started in surface design. They are still among my favorites. Click on the image to see them on TDAC. Leave a comment and let me know you stopped by! While on TDAC, if you click on my name, you can see all of my recipe illustrations.

Sprinkle Bells and Bountiful are available in fabrics, wallpaper and gift wrap on The links will take you there.

For a great Tea Towel order the Fat Quarter on Linen-Cotton Canvas. (You will have to sew the edges.) And guess what!


Add fat quarters to your cart and you will get half off the regular price. The discount will be calculated automatically and the promotional price will appear in your shopping cart.

Bountiful, Surface design, watercolor, © 2013 Sheila Delgado,

Bountiful, Surface design, watercolor, © 2013 Sheila Delgado

2016 Sunny Tea Towel, 27 x 18. © 2015 Sheila Delgado. Available at

2016 Sunny Tea Towel, 27 x 18. © 2015 Sheila Delgado. Available at

Unfortunately my sunflower tea towel will not be available before the sale ends. I will let you know as soon as it is in the marketplace.

This design placed 75th out of 296 contest entries. I received 164 votes. That puts me in the top 3rd! Not bad ‘ey? Thanks to all of you who voted!

Thank you, thank you!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!