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Hello Again, From Mingus And Me

Soft Mingus Sunset. 4 23-19, SMD.
Soft Mingus Sunset. 4 23-19, SMD.
Mingus Missing Again. 2019, SMD.
Mingus Missing Again. 2019, SMD.
Two Of A Kind.  3-12-19, SMD
Two Of A Kind. 3-12-19, SMD

It’s been too long since Mingus made an appearance. I know a few of you will welcome these photos, even if they are slightly dreary. I love watching the sky change.

Yesterday’s high was 93 degrees. Will be again today. The heat has come on quick. We are in our Monsoon season now. Continues through September. I am looking forward to it.

Something New And Blue

I replaced my table. Woo Whoo! I searched the internet for about a month before I found one that was “just right”. It is shorter (length) than what I had before. By about a foot. I really didn’t use the extra space much, except for storing my to-do projects. I always sat to the right, and that extra foot was out of reach. Ha-ha. Now I find myself sitting fairly center, and I can reach just about everything I need to.

This led to relocating my art supplies and do-dads. I have two drawer units on the right side of the table, (3 drawers, the plastic cheapo’s from Walmart). On top of them, I have my printer. So much easier to access, before it was under the table. Now it sits a couple of inches higher than the table top.

The table is from IKEA. Solid pine. The top has a clear lacquer that is “easy to clean, resistant to liquids, food stains, oil, heat, scratches, and bumps”. It is warm and, welcoming. It came with white legs. I painted them Prussian blue. But honestly, they are in shadow and look black to everyone else. Ha-ha.

I ACTUALLY managed to build it myself! HA!! The aprons and legs had to be attached to the top. Here’s an interesting tidbit. Prussian blue is used as a medication to treat radioactive cesium poisoning. Good to know.

New Studio Table.

Was A Bear

I have been in hibernation mode. Two months since my last post. I started writing this one over a month ago. Well, I thought I had started. I really had just prepped the photos, and placed them in the post.

I had three long days chauffeuring my folks around Phoenix at the beginning of my “hibernation”. I knew I would need a few days recovery. But the tired turned into a flare, and that turned into me having cold symptoms. The recovery from that was another two weeks. A month and a half later, and I am still feeling more tired than my Lupus usual.

As a result, I am not creating much. I am managing to stay productive otherwise. I started two pieces about a month ago. Mixed media on panels, they will be gifts. I applied scraps of papers, part of a decorated tissue box, and some leaf skeletons I have had for over ten years.

WIP, starting with scraps.
WIP, starting with scraps.

I used a comb, stencils and various tools to apply paint. That was a week ago. I’ll get back to them later this week. (I had another busy three days in Phoenix, with friends from So. Cal. And of course, that meant recovery time as well.) The pieces are close to being finished, I am hoping to complete them this weekend.

WIP still. Adding layers of paint.
WIP still. Adding layers of paint.

I am still not sure what these two paintings will become. I will keep you posted.

Surprise Spring Snowfall

Late Snow on Mingus. 5-23-19, SMD.
Late Snow on Mingus. 5-23-19, SMD.

On the road at 5:30 am, I saw this. Snow on the hills. On May 23rd! Halfway to Phoenix, it was sunny and warm, and the sky was clear.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Rabbit

Bunny Huddle. 6-10-19. SMD
Bunny Huddle. 6-10-19. SMD

It’s been a long time since I have spotted a rabbit. This little one was tiny. Just before dark, he was hanging out. A couple came walking by, they were on the other side of the street. As soon as he heard them, he crouched down. Like a cat stalking its prey. He tucked in his ears and got as low as he possibly could. He became one with the earth. Ha-ha.

When it was safe, he slowly, very slowly, began to rise. He looked like a balloon that was being inflated. Finally, one ear popped up, then the other. And then he was gone.

All Clear. 6-10-19, SMD
All Clear. 6-10-19, SMD

New Designs Available In My Spoonflower Shop

Thirty of my designs are newly available for purchase. That brings my total offerings to 112 fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap offerings. I am happy with how they all printed. Pardon the wrinkles, I still need to wash the fabric.

Small Spoonflower Fabric Sampling, SMD.
Small Spoonflower Fabric Sampling, SMD.

Blessings And Best Wishes!

Mingus Light


Mingus, glowing from the inside. SMD 2018

Mingus, glowing from the inside. SMD 2018

I’m not sure this photo does justice to the brilliance of the moment. Made me gasp. When I looked out the window, it seemed as if Mingus was glowing from the inside. Like a red-hot poker. Stopped me in my tracks. I was on my way to, do something. But I had to stop and watch the light. A few minutes, and the glow was gone.


Spoonflower Stash

Thirty new designs available for sale in my Spoonflower shop. Slowly but surely, it is filling up. In this batch, only two designs needed alterations. They printed lighter than the original image.

Along with my swatches, I ordered new fabric samples. These help the designer know how the same color will look on different fabrics. Also how the weave might affect a design. When I started with Spoonflower, they offered about ten types of fabric. Their offerings have nearly tripled. Organics, denim, spandex, fleece and cottons.


Printed swatches, and new fabric samples.



Still busy with maintenance of both my Spoonflower and Society6 shops. No fun at all. Redundant, and it has literally put me to sleep a few times. And no time for painting. Needs to be done though, and I will feel better when I have completed the tasks.

Thank goodness for my artist friends, and gorgeous new art in my inbox!









Behind The Scenes


Storm Clouds, 8-3-18. SMD.

From early this month, a storm on the way. Thought I had posted it. Thought I had posted period. It’s been turbulent indoors as well. Computer issues. Photoshop. Ughh!

“Could not transform because the scratch disks are full.”

“Low Disk Space. You are running on very low disk space…”

Turns out, I had almost NO disk space. Took a full week to figure things out. Save files, and regain the use of Photoshop. That sent me down the rabbit hole, cleaning files and deleting. I still need to buy a portable hard drive and I am researching those. Suggestions are welcome! I am planning to replace my system in October. Fingers crossed. Now if I can just get through September. Fingers and toes crossed, and prayers said!


Mingus Tower, 8-3-18.

Still enjoying the monsoon season. Which I think is nearing the end. Rain is forecast the next five days. That could mean a downpour, or a few minutes of sprinkles.

Goodbye Zazzle?

I am thinking of closing my Zazzle shop. I am very disappointed in the quality of their fabric printing. I have seen different products, purchased by friends and family. And the quality on those items is great. So maybe, I just won’t offer fabrics for sale on that site.

A few months ago I ordered fabric samples from Zazzle. I compared those with swatches from Spoonflower. There is no contest. Both sets are on the basic fabric offered. For Spoonflower that is “Basic Cotton Ultra” and for Zazzle, “Custom Combed Cotton”.

Swatches on Spoonflower are 8 x 8 inches for $5.00. Zazzle 9 x 9 inches for $5.60. It might be hard to see on-screen, but there is a huge difference in the quality and feel of the fabrics.


Comparing Spoonflower and Zazzle custom printed fabric. Designs by Sheila Delgado.

Comparing Spoonflower and Zazzle custom printed fabric. Designs by Sheila Delgado.

It’s been a few months, but I am certain that I ironed the samples. They have sat on my desk, folded. You can see the wrinkled Zazzle swatches. That fabric is stiff, and makes a crinkly sound when you move it. I wouldn’t want to wear it. Makes me think of the crinoline skirts my Mom remembers.

The Spoonflower swatches are soft and pliable. You can also see the difference in printed details. On the sailboats, a large-scale print, the quality is nearly the same. But on the feathers, you can see that the fine detail is lost. The Zazzle feathers is even printed in a larger scale, and still, the fine detail is blurred.

Unfinished Projects

I have missed painting. And the shadows on Mingus make me want to paint even more. Hard to believe we are already at the end of the month, and I have yet to put brush to paper. There are a few more projects that need attention, so that in September I can be free to paint daily.

I have dealt with a Lupus flare this month as well. Just bone tired. I had an Esophageal manometry on the first, and it seems I have been in recovery mode ever since. It was a very quick and simple procedure. It required fasting, and it was an afternoon appointment in Phoenix. So I think the mix of not eating, not taking my meds and a long drive (3 hours there and back) just zapped my energy.

Luckily, I was able to do the test quickly. My cough did not interfere. It seemed I was in and out in less than 20 minutes. I even arrived early, and within five minutes I was taken back to start the test. WOW!

Pushing through. Napping when I can. Crossing tasks off my list. Just at a slower pace than I would like. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!