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You’re Invited!

So much fun, making colorful fruits and veggies! This is for the TDAC Eat the Rainbow design challenge. The only hard part was deciding which of my favorites to illustrate. I love them all!

I used simple shapes to create the eats. With a little help from gradients and shadows to add dimension. Click to view more details. My plan was to paint the images. Life got in the way, the deadline got closer and I decided to go digital. I surprised myself at how quickly I put this together. Whew!

There are just over 200 entrants, four will be showcased in a featured collection on TDAC for two weeks. The whole idea is to get designers seen by art directors and creative professionals. Well, I don’t have to be one of the four to do that! This is the first in a series of challenges. I am looking forward to taking part in each of them.

Your invitation has arrived!

The Art On 45 show is on now! All works on view for two weeks. The auction takes place March 16th. If you find yourself in Ruston Louisiana, stop by and take a look! It’s been so much fun taking part and following Christiane’s progress with the event! Thank you Christiane for inviting me to participate!

Miss You Much. 7 inches, acrylic and pen on vinyl. © 2018 Sheila Delgado.
Miss You Much. 7 inches, acrylic and pen on vinyl. © 2018 Sheila Delgado.

Bountiful And Sprinkle Bells Now On TDAC Feast


Bountiful, Surface design, watercolor, © 2013 Sheila Delgado, sheiladelgado.com

Sprinkle Bells. Surface design, watercolor, © 2011 Sheila Delgado

They Draw and Cook has introduced a feature called FEAST. Along with showcasing amazing illustrated recipes, they now include food related designs. Patterns, posters, anything “foodie”. How fun is that!

These are two designs from when I started in surface design. They are still among my favorites. Click on the image to see them on TDAC. Leave a comment and let me know you stopped by! While on TDAC, if you click on my name, you can see all of my recipe illustrations.

Sprinkle Bells and Bountiful are available in fabrics, wallpaper and gift wrap on Spoonflower.com. The links will take you there.

For a great Tea Towel order the Fat Quarter on Linen-Cotton Canvas. (You will have to sew the edges.) And guess what!


Add fat quarters to your cart and you will get half off the regular price. The discount will be calculated automatically and the promotional price will appear in your shopping cart.

Bountiful, Surface design, watercolor, © 2013 Sheila Delgado, sheiladelgado.com

Bountiful, Surface design, watercolor, © 2013 Sheila Delgado

2016 Sunny Tea Towel, 27 x 18. © 2015 Sheila Delgado. Available at Spoonflower.com

2016 Sunny Tea Towel, 27 x 18. © 2015 Sheila Delgado. Available at Spoonflower.com

Unfortunately my sunflower tea towel will not be available before the sale ends. I will let you know as soon as it is in the marketplace.

This design placed 75th out of 296 contest entries. I received 164 votes. That puts me in the top 3rd! Not bad ‘ey? Thanks to all of you who voted!

Thank you, thank you!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!








Art Feature On They Draw And Cook

Sometimes Stolen Salad

June 2012


Sometimes Stolen Salad
is 1 of 6 recipes in the Featured Collection
on They Draw & Cook’s main jumbotron.
The collection is called
“The Perfect Pear!”

and will be featured from
March 30 to April 6.

This is one of the first pieces of art I shared publicly. I hadn’t even started blogging at that point. I had so much fun working on this, it allowed me to combine my love of watercolor and graphic design. Still one of my favorite pieces!

Do you love to cook? I bet you love to eat!  Ready to try something new? If you have never visited the TDAC site, you really need to check it out. You can search for recipes by food, or use their Dial-A-Dinner if you are in the mood for some culinary roulette!

Artists are welcome to submit designs, sign up for their blog or newsletter!


Still a couple of days to vote
in the Spoonflower
Southwest Baby Bedding Contest!

Check out the post below for more info.

Mystic Memories by Demouse

Mystic Memories by Demouse

Vote now, through April 1st!

Thanks again my friends, for taking the time to vote!




Pear Recipe – Work In Progress

I told Lucy I would have this posted a few days ago. “Designers block” has kicked in, and decided I would ask for your opinions. This recipe is for theydrawandcook.com. I have had these recipes saved for a while. And I have had so much fun painting pears, I wanted to illustrate a recipe that included them. I am working on building my portfolio of food art.

I spent a lot of time creating the serving tray and appetizers. (Mostly due to the fact that I am still learning Photoshop.) I wanted to have watercolor, and some digital artwork in the piece. But looking at it, I think I need to paint the tray as well. The fonts will likely change, and placement of the text.

I am cringing as I write, because I think this is really awful, but I am going to share it as is anyway. The pear slices with cheese, would not be placed on a tray with crackers, So I have decided I will show those on a small plate. With a fork perhaps, at the ready for someone to dig in.

Recipe for TDAC, Pear appetizers

Work in progress

Should I replace the digital art with a watercolor serving tray and food samples? Or does this tray look appetizing?

Do you like the color on the title?

Do you like the title, or is it dorky?

Do you think the tray color should be a deeper gold? I tried green and red, but did not like them as well as the gold.

If you have any other comments, I would love to hear them 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to help me with this. I hope you are all having a super weekend, and that your creativity is joyful today!


Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pears.

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pears.
A peck of pickled pears Peter Piper picked.
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pears,
Where’s the peck of pickled pears that Peter Piper picked?

Still a tongue twister. Maybe not quite as twisty as the original two-syllable peppers. But I painted pears, not peppers. I am working on a recipe for TDAC. It has been a while since I turned one in, and I actually have four that are in various stages of completion. I will show you this finished recipe soon. For now, here are the pear parts.

Enjoy your day!

Bartlett, Forelle,  & Bosc Pear. Watercolor on 140 lb. cold press paper.© Sheila Delgado 2013

Bartlett, Forelle, & Bosc Pear. Watercolor on 140 lb. cold press paper.© Sheila Delgado 2013