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"Fish Kites". Watercolor and pen on paper. 2010 Sheila Delgado

“Fish Kites”. Watercolor and pen on paper. 2010 Sheila Delgado


Out of sight, out of mind. I opened my art portfolios, and what a surprise. I time warped back to college. Only a few pieces survived from then. Most of what I found was from 2010 forward. Still wonderful to see again. I would call these “early works”, ha ha. Early, from the time I decided to focus on art.

I thought I had given these away. I remember taking a stab at making a repeat design out of them. Pretty sure those files were on the laptop that died. Koinobori have a long tradition. Don’t ask me how I feel about the fact that they were originally meant to celebrate boys only. Times have changed, and now they are part of Children’s Day celebrations in Japan.

Also found some not-so-successful watercolor abstract attempts. Gorgeous colors though, and I am thinking I can use them for collage. A la Dotty, and Laly, and Bob.

Just a few weeks until the 30 in 30, hands up if you are planning to take the challenge! I am looking forward to it. I know, nuts!

Hope to see you there!