Liberate Your Art Continues

I’m a bit behind in posting, Friday and Saturday the mailbox was bursting with art. Kat Sloma’s LYA is joyous!

Sunset by Vicki, Count your blessings by MJF

Sunset by Vicki, Count your blessings by MJF

The sunset Vicki captured at Waikiki is stunning isn’t it! She included this quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, ” Nothing is worth more than this day.” Amen! Vicki also shared her blog link. Vicki finds old books, and alters them into works of art.  She also takes paper scraps, and turns them into really fun flowers. Take a peek!

I love the colorful reminder from MJF. 1, 2, 3, 4… The card reads:

Mom always said, ” Count your Blessings!” OK then…

I have counted my blessings a lot this past week! This card was an official swap postcard. (#3 of 6) Awesome!

Sunset by Chelsea Rawson

Sunset by Chelsea Rawson

You can never have enough photographs of a gorgeous sunset. This one is Terrific, look at those trees! Not sure if you can tell, but all along the bottom are silhouettes of folks watching the sun disappear.

Chelsea is an Architect and a Photographer! She has an interest in Tiny Homes, something I am obsessed with. (One of my favorite Pinterest searches.) Chelsea has MANY interests and her blog is full of, well, take a look for yourself!

Hoya, by Lui Bacaltos, Fireman by Maggie, Moon/Earth #7, Jo Murray

Hoya, by Lui Bacaltos, Fireman by Maggie Gem, Moon/Earth #7, Jo Murray

Maggie’s card made me smile. Exactly what she intended. Maggie I couldn’t find you on Flickr to follow, but I did find your blog.  Really fun photos Maggie!

Lui’s black and white photo gives me such a peaceful feeling. You can see all the postcards Lui created for LYA on her blog.  Lui and I have swapped once or twice before, she is my arty friend in the Philippines!

The colorful mixed media piece on top is from Jo Murray in Australia. This is #4 of the official swap. Her blog is full of bold, beautiful colors! Jo works in collage, mixed media, abstracts. Mediums I would like to pursue.

Thanks to each and every one of these artists! I so enjoyed reading your thoughts and inspirations! Joyful!



Art Feature On They Draw And Cook

Sometimes Stolen Salad

June 2012


Sometimes Stolen Salad
is 1 of 6 recipes in the Featured Collection
on They Draw & Cook’s main jumbotron.
The collection is called
“The Perfect Pear!”

and will be featured from
March 30 to April 6.

This is one of the first pieces of art I shared publicly. I hadn’t even started blogging at that point. I had so much fun working on this, it allowed me to combine my love of watercolor and graphic design. Still one of my favorite pieces!

Do you love to cook? I bet you love to eat!  Ready to try something new? If you have never visited the TDAC site, you really need to check it out. You can search for recipes by food, or use their Dial-A-Dinner if you are in the mood for some culinary roulette!

Artists are welcome to submit designs, sign up for their blog or newsletter!


Still a couple of days to vote
in the Spoonflower
Southwest Baby Bedding Contest!

Check out the post below for more info.

Mystic Memories by Demouse

Mystic Memories by Demouse

Vote now, through April 1st!

Thanks again my friends, for taking the time to vote!




I Need Your Vote, and a Fabric Feature

The Peoples Story by Demouse

The People’s Story by Demouse, click on the image for a closer look.


Spoonflower is featuring The People’s Story
in their Latest Favorites today! Hooray!

Available in 16 fabrics, gift wrap, and wall paper. 


This week The Spoonflower contest is being held in partnership with Carousel Designs. This is from the Spoonflower site:

Our Southwest Baby Bedding Design Challenge seeks designs to create modern, sophisticated nurseries with a southwestern flair. The good folks at Carousel Designs will choose one winner from the top ten vote getting designs. The winner’s design will be used to produce the newest offering of nursery décor available through, and the winner will receive commission on the yardage ordered from Spoonflower. All top ten winners will receive $50 in Spoondollar credit and a pillow from Carousel Designs made with their design.

It is a terrific opportunity!

I have entered, and I hope you will take a few minutes and give me your vote. There are a lot of entries, and the images always load differently, so I can’t be sure where mine will show up.

Mystic Memories by Demouse

Mystic Memories by Demouse, click on the image for a closer look.

I know, I know… they look like the same design. You are right. But they are different. I also have companion pieces I will be adding on Spoonflower today. I will share them here, with you as well.

Vote now, through April 1st!

I will let you know if I make the finals!
Thanks for taking the time to vote!
I appreciate your support my friends!




Special Deliveries

Kat Sloma’s Liberate Your Art Swap is humming along.  I have a new batch to share with you. This is a great year! Seems like most of the swappers printed extras, and there is a whole lotta’ sharing going on.

This gorgeous card started as a thank you gift for the artist’s sister. Such a wonderful idea, don’t you think? It came to me from Terry Owenby in Portland OR. A wonderful collage, that includes vintage postcards, and worn book binding.

Recycle, reuse, and re-JOY.

Recycle, reuse, and re-JOY.

This batch includes three more “extra” swaps and two “official” swap postcards. The photo of the chain is from Mary Greliner in Missouri. She says she loved the chain, and I do too! All that rusty ruggedness.

The Sculpture “Struggle” is from Mark Wilson. Unfortunately the bar code made his address unreadable. I am really hoping Mark will see this and get in touch. I would love to see more of your work Mark!

Batch #2 LYA

Batch #2 LYA

The remaining cards are all “extra’s”. That fabulous Dahlia is from Deanie Houghtaling in Phoenix AZ.  The card says that the photo was taken in the Jardin Des Plantes in Paris France. How Cool is that!  Deanie is a traveler and it is so wonderful that she shares her travels with all the LYA’s. Take a look at this from last year.

The Dream catcher is from  Janice Darby in a far-away place called Santa Maria California. Howdy neighbor! This piece is part collage,  and there is so much wonderful detail! “Catch” is a theme Janice has visited before. Check out Janice’s card from the 2014 LYA swap. I think this is the third year I have swapped with Deanie and Janice.

Juana Almaguer is an awesome artist working in Langley Washington. Take a look at her blog.  Juana mailed her card in a handmade, scented envelope. She used sheet music and washi tape. She painted a bright beautiful bird on it too! Her photo is super cute. An awesome shot of a squirrel stealing a snack. So fun. I thought Juana and I had swapped before, I couldn’t find the post so I am going to have to keep looking.

Having so much fun with swap! My thanks to each artist for sharing their work with me!




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You can leave me your address in a comment
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acrylics, 4 x 6 postcard abstract

Red, Benefit pamphlet, Collector’s Copy

I will get your prize package in the mail early next week!

Thanks to Sea, Susan, Robyn, Joan and Karin for your kind comments! Thanks for taking part in my first giveaway!
I am so thankful for your friendship and support!

Red will be available as a print or greeting card.
I will be sure to let you know when!