Pastel Disaster


Daring whispered in my ear today.

“Hey, wouldn’t it be fun to do a pastel to celebrate Earth Day!”

“YEH!”, I thought.

Never mind that I do not know much about pastel painting. It felt only right to work with my hands, to get them dirty. Pastels get you dirty. This is only my third ever, pastel painting.

I spent almost three hours this afternoon working on what you are about to see. Ok, maybe more like two hours, because I was checking on the split pea soup, and changing loads of laundry too.

This is small, five inches square. It is a good thing I really had fun working on this. Otherwise I would be really, REALLY, REALLY upset.

I apologize for the horrible photos. This is a quick look at the process. I was happy with the result. That is, until I decided to seal it, so I would be able to scan it for this post.

Brilliant, bloody brilliant Sheila.

It didn’t help, that right when I started to spray sealant, the wind kicked up and spread a fine dusting of little yellow specks from the trees nearby.

pastel progress. Hydrangea, 5 x 5, watercolor and pastel on 140 lb. watercolor paper.

pastel progress. Hydrangea, 5 x 5, watercolor and pastel on 140 lb. watercolor paper.

I started with a watercolor wash. Then a few layers of pastel to get the basic shapes. I changed my mind, and decided the leaves looked better on the side, instead of the bottom. Little by little, I added details. I used Prismacolor NUPASTELS. 





Here it is, finished and semi-show-able.





And here it is, not ready for prime time.

I know. Awful.

So there you have it. My Earth Day experiment.

Oh, and here is the photo that started it all.

Hydrangea, blooming in the garden.

Hydrangea, blooming in the garden.


Hope you had a fabulous Earth Day!






Ranunculus is a Spoonflower Featured Favorite

Ranunculus pillows now available at

Ranunculus pillows now available at

Spring is here!

Spoonflower has chosen my ranunculus pattern as one of their favorites. Available on fabrics, decals, gift wrap and wall paper.

Thank You Spoonflower!

 My sunny summer floral is also available on pillows and more at

Sheila’s Corner on

Have a happy, sunny day!

Happy Easter Weekend!


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Liberate Your Art Blog Hop 2014

Time really does fly. It felt like a quick week, but it was really close to a month of liberated art arriving in my mailbox. The first card was postmarked March 17th. And the most recent was stamped April 11th.

Thank you Kat, and many thanks to your helpers, for making the Liberate Your Art postcard swap happen. What a joy to receive artistic correspondence! I have to admit, that I do not often think of sending a real card or letter. I email often and send ecards for special days. Sitting here, I am wondering why I have never thought to send a postcard to family and friends. I still have some cards. I think that is how I will put them to use. I will send a small surprise.

For those of you visiting my blog for the first time, Thank you! If you scroll down, you will see my earlier posts on the cards I have received with links to all the artists. I have lost count, but I think I still have a few that are on the way.

Photo by Siobhan Wolf

Photo by Siobhan Wolf

I received both of these cards on the same day. Good day, Sunshine! Siobhan’s card is a “Dream”. There are gorgeous magenta petals that have fallen to the table. The soft focus gives me a peaceful, relaxed feeling. For some reason, I started thinking of candle light and a warm bath. Something I honestly never do, but wouldn’t that just make you feel so pampered and serene?


Artwork by Sherry Harmes

Artwork by Sherry Harmes

Sherry included a quote from Blake, “Exuberance is beauty!” I love that. I also love her motto: Conceive, Believe, Achieve! Her card is bold and bright and some of the flowers are 3-D! OK, maybe just 2-D. I love these blue blooms! It is hard to see, but there is stitching along the left side as well.  Mixed media maven!

I count myself lucky, this is the second year I have swapped with Siobhan and Sherry. Thank you both for sharing your art and photography with me! Such a delight!

Postcard art, © 2014 Sheila Delgado

Postcard art, © 2014 Sheila Delgado

I am so thankful to be a part of this Liberating event.  So much fun creating the cards I send out. Such a nice surprise when one is received. Kat treated us all to this gorgeous card. I just love her work!

Layered Autumn. Kat Sloma

Layered Autumn. © Kat Sloma 2013



Thanks again to all the artists and photographers who shared their art with me. I am always in awe of all the talent that is shared. Lori, Natasha, Lisa, Barbara, Melody – your blessings brightened my days!

Liberated art 2014

Liberated art 2014

Extra! Extra!

Extra! Extra!

Deanie, Shelly, Janice, Sherry and Siobhan – so grateful!

Feel free to join our Blog Hop. The link below (the little blue guy) will take you to other artists who participated. Treat yourself to a virtual visual voyage!

LYA button 2014




Still Liberating Your Art


Paris Perfume Shop. Deanie Houghtaling

Paris Perfume Shop. Deanie Houghtaling

The official swap ended about a week ago. I lucked out, and agreed to many extra swaps. My treasure-trove is doubling by the day.

This postcard took me back to Hans Christian Andersen, the movie with Danny Kaye. I know there was scene where ballet slippers were hanging and he was singing. I remember the movie was magical the first time I saw it. This card reminded me. Ballerinas just seem full of magic too, don’t they?

Deanie’s postcard is an over sized image. I really like how the size accentuates the fact that this is a work of art. Taken in the Marais district of Paris. Deanie wrote that she saw these from the street, and she just had to wander in. Wander in Paris… sounds dreamy doesn’t it?

“To create one’s world in any of the arts takes courage” ~ Georgia O’Keeffe.

Deanie included this quote on the back of her card. Lovely acknowledgement from my (Deanie’s too!)  favorite artist. You can see more of Deanie’s wonderful photos on her Facebook page and on her blog, Wild Sands Photography. Thanks again Deanie, for sharing your view of the world with me. Just a bit of Paris, and a little glimpse of heaven.

Watercolor, 4 x 5. 2014 SMD

Watercolor, 4 x 5. 2014 S.M.D.

Here is a small study I am working on. I need to go back and rework the feet. They look a bit stick figure to me. I am really happy with how the branch came out. I worked wet on wet to vary the tones.

I have done less painting, and more digital design the past few weeks. I have several in varying stages. I will be able to share them with you soon.

Don’t forget, to peek at the lunar eclipse tonight!