Clean Start

I cleaned up my studio a bit, and reclaimed some of the Yupo I painted for the challenge. I washed the sheets with warm water and just a drop of soap. As you can see, some colors stain more than others. Prussian Blue gouache being one of them.

I may not be able to reuse these for finished paintings, but I can use them to practice strokes, or for color mixing.  You can see one on the right, that warped when I used the heat gun on it.

I’ll tell you a secret  though, two of the heart paintings I did also warped, but they scanned  as if there was no damage.

Yupo after washing.

Reclaimed Yupo.

Thoughts of you. Watercolor and gouache on Yupo. 4.5 x 6. © 2014 Sheila Delgado

Thoughts of you. Watercolor and gouache on Yupo. 4.5 x 6. © 2014 Sheila Delgado

Heart. Mixed media on Yupo, 6 x 4.5. © 2014 Sheila Delgado

Heart. Mixed media on Yupo, 6 x 4.5. © 2014 Sheila Delgado

You can’t see it, can you? I just have to remember not to get in such a hurry and let things dry on their own.  Now I’m ready to put brush to Yupo, again! Paint, wash, repeat!




DSPS Blog Tour – Adventures in Illustrator


Surface pattern Design I am just going to come out and say it. I haven’t  mastered Adobe Illustrator. Not even close. My September was occupied with Leslie Saeta’s 30 Painting in 30 Days Challenge.  While the challenge was starting, I was also completing the Make It In Design Summer School Tracks. And while summer school was in session, I found Design Surface Patterns From Scratch, with Bonnie Christine.  This summer was packed with learning! So much fun!

This month will be all about learning Illustrator. With Bonnie’s generous instruction, I know that is totally do-able. I have been following along on Facebook, and I am so glad to be a part of this amazing group of designers. Sharing new discoveries, and offering help and advice. I have learned so much from the questions and answers.

There is room for you free printable

Free printable

A favorite take away from the course is this quote by Bonnie. It has been in my head, and I honestly think it influenced my painting in the challenge. I created some of my best work, and it was not as much of a struggle as it sometimes can be.

I created a pdf that you can print out and share with friends. Just click on the image. I used the blob brush to draw the sea urchins. It is really easy to draw with, and I had so much fun with these.

Bonnie’s class was fun with a capital FANTASTIC! She shared her experience honestly, even her mistakes, and how she learned from them. She showed us only the tools we need to know to create repeating patterns.

I had put off learning Illustrator, because I felt overwhelmed with all the tools and options. I am self-taught in Photoshop, and with all the years of experience I have in that program, I am still discovering new techniques. If I can pass one thing on to others who are new to Illustrator, it would be to take Bonnie’s class. Her warm and friendly teaching style will put you at ease, and soon you will be ready to dive in to surface pattern designing.

Bonnie challenged us to create a collection, sharing our sketches, inspiration boards and final designs. I did not get mine done in time to take part in her giveaway, but I am working on my collection. Bonnie explained her process, and how to think of developing collections. Up to this point, I have created stand alone designs in my Spoonflower shop. Her approach was a huge revelation!

I have started a board on Pinterest where I will share designers in this group. I only have two pins on there now, but I will be adding everyone as I catch up on blog posts.

If you are interested in taking the class, Design Surface Patterns from Scratch is now available at creativelive.comYou are welcome to join the CL Design Surface Patterns from Scratch facebook group! Hope to see you there!

For more surface design fun, take a look at yesterday’s blog by  Joditt Williams. Her “Autumn Glory” collection is so pretty! The next post will be on Monday, by Meg Tannahill – I can’t wait!  You can find links to all of the “Hoppers” on Bonnie’s page. If you are interested in learning pattern design, you will really want to see what everyone has been up to!

Bonnie is offering a FREE MONTH membership to her awesome Roost Tribe! If you’re interested in everything from joining a creative community, getting tips for building your blog, recipes, tutorials, and free desktop backgrounds, definitely don’t pass this up. Click here for your free month!






Playing With Patterns

I’m having fun. Working on repeating patterns using my Clear Creek piece. What do ‘ya think? The original was watercolor and gouache on Yupo.


Stripe pattern. © 2014sheila delgado Fish pattern. © 2014sheila delgado

Drops pattern. © 2014sheila delgado

An artsy Blog Hop continues –  Karin Naylor has featured me on her blog today. She also introduces two more FaBuLOus artists. I learned more about one of my long time favorites, and discovered a new favorite too! I’m not gonna tell you who they are. You are going to have to see for yourself.

Painting Challenge – A Look Back


September 2014 Painting challenge. © 2014 Sheila Delgado


Seeing the paintings together like this just reminds me how fast time passes. Too fast! I am so thankful that you followed me through this month. The best part of the challenge is hearing from you! Your kindness and support are true blessings.

I started a Pinterest board at the beginning of this challenge, and I have 550 amazing pins on it! There will be more, as I add collages. You can also see the collages on Leslie’s blog.

Happy October and happy painting!