Quick Watercolor Sketches

About a week ago I decided to start doing a daily sketch.
Something small, quick.
The purpose of these, is just to practice.

I wish I was better at portraits.
I need to practice more.
The first is only  an inch and a half square.
The second is about two and half inches tall.

watercolor portrait sketch, sheila delgado, may 2015

portrait sketch, watercolor, sheila delgado, may 2015

I will share my sketches with you, well, the decent ones at least. Ha!

yellow watercolor flowers, sheila delgado

blue watercolor flowers, sheila delgado

International Soul Art Day 2015


Ready to play.

I need to apologize, I am having some temporary issues with my site. It may load slowly, or the images may not load at all. If you do not see the images, click on the title, and it will lead you to an attachment page.

This is the third year I have participated in Laura Hollick’s International Soul Art Day. The day is so much fun, and it is so inspiring to be part of such a large community of artists. Beginners and professionals come together for this enlightening experience.

I started the morning by going through the worksheets that Laura provides. She guides you through the body mapping, and questions you, for insight into your intentions, and desires. She opens up your creative expression and helps you to deal with creative blocks.  The activities really get you thinking, and lead you to your spirit action – your intentions for your Soul Art journey.

For me, this day was all about breaking through my creative blocks. I have not been painting as much as I would like. And I have neglected my blog as a result.

No paintings = nothing to blog about.

I gathered my supplies, and decided to work with a brush that would not offer me a lot of control. I wanted to stay loose and not focus on details.  You know that is a constant problem I am trying to overcome. I chose an inexpensive sketch paper, so I wouldn’t be thinking I needed to create a masterpiece.

I let the colors choose me. Speak to me. I know that sounds, hippie or foo foo. But I did not start by having a theme, or plan, or result in my mind. I simply started applying paint to paper, and let it unfold. I was just making marks.

These first marks revealed a fish to me. I could see it, even though it was incomplete.  I splattered paint on the clean paper, splattered water to help the paint move on its own. I started with yellow, then pink, some blue along the bottom.

I added marks, not shapes, not formed ideas. Just colorful marks. I let the colors mix into each other. In the end, I added the black pen.

I thought about the ebb and flow of the water. The gentle, soothing sway. The quietness. How even in the darkness, there is light to be found.

You can read more about my piece in the Soul Art Gallery. (Don’t know how I forgot to include my last name.)

Soul Art 2015. 9 x 12 watercolor on paper. © Sheila Delgado 2015

Soul Art 2015. 9 x 12 watercolor on paper. © Sheila Delgado 2015

I love this piece, because of what it represents to me. A break through. A release. Connecting to my inner artist.  Listening to that inner voice, and silencing the noise from the outside world. It is not a fantabulous work by any means. But I share it proudly.

Soul Art Day is open to everyone. If you would like to take part in next years event, you can connect with Laura Hollick for more information.

Happy creating to you!



Spoonflower Featured Design

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When we show our respect for other living things,
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~ Arapaho





2015 Liberated Art – The Blog Hop

The Liberate Your Art  swap comes to an end much too soon (click to see the video). As with Christmas, the anticipation for the next one begins as soon as the last present is unwrapped. Once a year, doesn’t seem enough. Our hostess, Kat Sloma might feel otherwise.

Kat has the huge task of sorting all the art. You can see her art swap preparations for yourself. Kat loves sharing the artful envelopes as they arrive, (she even shared mine this year). Can you imagine seeing this big stack of artful envelopes in your mailbox?

My Swap Stats

Swap participants receive five postcards, from fellow swappers, and one from our hostess Kat. Through the swap Facebook page, side swaps are arranged. Some of my LYA friends have traded with me 3 years in a row! This year I made enough cards to share with friends and family.

Side swaps – 23
International swaps – 6
States swapped – 17
Postcards mailed – 60+ (including family and friends)
Pending swap arrivals- 4 (in the mail)

My Swap Posts

You can learn more about the cards I liberated, as well as those I have received by following the links below. These are my “official” cards, minus Kat’s, per her request.

Mary Grellner, Mark Wilson, MJF, Jo Murray, Liz Velichko

Mary Grellner, Mark Wilson, MJF, Jo Murray, Liz Velichko

The cards I sent out…

LYA postcards 2015 Sheila Delgado

LYA postcards 2015 Sheila Delgado

Early postcard arrivals – ArtyKat, Sherry, Teena, Sarah, Amy

Chain, chain, chain – Terry, Deanie, Juana, Janice, Mark, Mary

Sunsets and shells – Chelsea, Jo, Lui, Maggie, MJF, Vicki

Snow and sand – Jill, Jasmine, Liz

But wait, There’s more!

I am so thankful for having connected with so many talented, creative people! It’s about more than the art and photos. It is the stories that go along with them. And so often finding a shared experience, or interest.

Lisa Schwinghammer, Snap Lane, Diane McWhirter

Lisa Schwinghammer, Snap Lane, Diane McWhirter

Diane McWhirter shared her bold tulips with me. There is a note on the back of the card that says it was put in the wrong box. Whew! I am so thankful it made it from Australia! I love Diane’s loose technique. (One I wish I was better at.)

SnapLane shared one of her glorious garden shots. Don’t you just love those fuchsia blooms? The message is, “Leave room in the garden for the fairies to dance.” Diane is a proud Texan. I was born in Abilene, so, gotta love that!

“Paris is always a good idea.”  I have never been, but I totally agree with Lisa Schwinghammer! Paris is on my list! Lisa sent this from Denver, Hello Denver! I grew up in Loveland which once was 60 miles north of Denver, but now I think it is closer to 45 miles. Sure did seem closer the last time I was there. This is the third year Lisa and I have exchanged cards. How lucky am I!

Liberated Art Album

LYA Album

LYA Album

This year I have filled a small album (dollar store) with the cards I have received. It is a little over half full. Room enough to add my cards maybe. (To remind myself next year, what I sent out this year.)

I have a small space, and not a lot of display space. I like the idea of being able to keep this close by, and open it up when I need inspiration. Keeps the neat freak (me) happy too.



Thanks to my Liberate Your Art friends!
High five to those who liberated art for the very first time!
Thanks to Kat Sloma for having such a super idea
and allowing us to be a part of it!