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It’s raining and dark and chilly. What a great day!

Harley's Flush - Linen. © 2023 Sheila Delgado.
Harley’s Flush – Linen. © 2023 Sheila Delgado.

I fell in love with this palette. The colors are from a brand of interior house paint. A southwest collection. That light greyish pink is almost the same color I used on my vanity table.

I intended to enter the second version, with the softer background. Then I viewed the patterns on the Spoonflower duvet. I like how the white adds a subtle pop of light. Everything is subtle about this simple harlequin design.

Tween Spirit Bedding was our assignment. The design brief called for mid-tone color palettes. Calming. Some suggestions were curves & arches, & minimalist illustrations. I softened these diamonds with curved corners.

Harley's Flush - Lined sample. © 2023 Sheila Delgado.
Harley’s Flush – Lined sample. © 2023 Sheila Delgado.

I thought the linen texture (above) was going to be my entry. But it is too subtle in the bedding sample that will be seen in voting. I am also working on a linear idea. With the lines a slightly darker shade of each color. I’m curious to know what you think.

Harley's Flush Collection. © 2023 Sheila Delgado.
Harley’s Flush Collection. © 2023 Sheila Delgado.

I am always thankful for your support. Voting is now open, until the 22nd. From what I have seen in one of the Spoonflower Facebook groups, there are lots of cute designs. But also many that are more universally usable in home décor applications.

The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play.
So we sat in the house. All that cold, cold, wet day.
Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat

6 thoughts on “Harley’s Flush On Spoonflower

  1. Dotty Seiter gmail

    Sheila! The softness and subtlety of these mid-tone colors from a southwestern collection appeal to me greatly, and I’m impressed with your bringing a pop of white and slightly darker lines to add just enough punch to catch attention without losing any of the calm in the pattern.

    1. Sheila Post author

      You noticed! Thank you Dotty. 🙂 Haha. First that outline was too thin, and then too thick. I finally got it just right. Hahaha. 🙂
      Happy camping my friend! I’m looking forward to today’s delivery! ;o)

    1. Sheila Post author

      Thanks for that, Lana. 🙂 So glad you like it. I love your Cowgirl patchwork. Such a fun combo of designs!
      Happy creating to you!


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