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Postcard Plentitude


Mingus Day #21. 5.25 x 12 in. Mixed media on Arches 140 lb. cold pressed paper. © 2018 Sheila Delgado.

Mingus Day #21. 5.25 x 12 in. Mixed media on Arches 140 lb. cold pressed paper. © 2018 Sheila Delgado.


Getting ‘er done.  Cringing a bit while I post this. But moving on.


L.Y.A. Sides


Dancing Clothes, Louise Mamet, Saint Cyr sur Loire, France


Louise Mamet is a long time L.Y.A. friend. Louise has such a gift, and shares it with us through her photographs. I look forward to receiving her card each year. I fell in love with this image the first time I saw it on the L.Y.A. group page.  Check out her site for more. On the back, this wonderful quote:

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten
that we belong to each other.
Mother Teresa


Christine Brooks, Flagstaff, AZ


Christine couldn’t resist, she sent me another of her wonderful bird postcards. Nice one right!? I love it! Looks great with my sea shells. It’s obvious we share a love of the sea. Take a look at her Facebook page for more of her awesome work.


Cathy Hubmann,  Little Rock Arkansas


Cathy Hubmann sent this hope filled card. Wonderful in its simplicity. You can see more of her wonderful photography by clicking the link. I love this quote by Emily Dickinson:

Hope is the thing with feathers
that perches in the soul – 
and sings the tunes without the words –
and never stops at all.


Chandra Lynn, Birmingham, Alabama


Chandra sent this gorgeous oversized card. It brought back memories of Loveland lake in Colorado. Hanging out with friends, and watching fireworks. My high school was right next to the lake. It was a part of daily life.
Chandra’s blog is always inspirational. If you aren’t already following her, take a look.


Dave Wolanski, Dover Delaware. 


Dave surprised me with this funny photo. A test image on card stock. Can you read the last line? It looks to me like it may have been on the wall first. Follow Dave on Instagram for a daily dose of his thought provoking work.

Art is
what you
see, feel
and do
and shit.


Trang Kang, Sachse, Texas


Trang  is like a ray of sun, after a stormy day. Her sweet art is a true reflection of her gentle spirit. Trang not only sent this delicate pen and watercolor postcard, she also included a tiny masterpiece, recycled from a gallery postcard I believe. Take a look below, and take a look at her Facebook page for more. Isn’t it pretty?




Lisa Compberry, La Porte, Texas


Lisa is always a favorite swap. I have probably said that about each of these today. But it is so true. Lisa posts wonderful views of her neck of the woods. Sunsets, sunrise. For a soothing dose of restful, take a look at her site, or follow her on Instagram. Lisa included this wonderful quote on the back:

There is only one happiness in life,
to love and be loved.


During the L.Y.A. Blog Hop, Kat Sloma gave away several prizes. I was blessed to receive a copy of her book, Art with an iPhone. I flipped though it as soon as it arrived, and quickly got caught up in reading through several of the techniques. Kat always creates interesting and intriguing works of art for her postcard contribution. Reading the book is a chance to know how her artistic images are created. You can peek inside on Amazon.



Thanks Kat for the blessing of your book! Thanks for bringing so many talented people together. For providing us the opportunity to share our creativity with others.

Thank you to the L.Y.A. artists and photographers who have shared their amazing talents and vision with me. I am so blessed, and so happy to have your works in my L,Y.A. collection!






L.Y.A. Loot


LYA #6, Kat Sloma, "Wings" - Janice Darby, "Aprons" - Julie Welsh, Gondolas - Louise Mamet.

LYA #6 –  Kat Sloma, “Wings” – Janice Darby, “Aprons” – Julie Welsh, Gondolas – Louise Mamet.


Home from dog sitting, and I found these waiting for me. In the center is Kat Sloma’s Card. That signals the end of the Liberate Your Art postcard swap. Keeping it a secret for now per our host. So that all participants can enjoy the surprise.

The lovely lady on the right is a gift from Janice Darby, in Santa Maria California. It says, “Until you spread your wings, you will have no idea how far you can fly.” Such a sweet and delicate composition. I love her big green eyes! Take a peek at Janice’s site to see all the wonderful cards she created this year.

On the bottom, a card from Julie Welsh in Michigan. First created for a postcard swap with themes and hers was “collective nouns”. The damage on the corner hides the title. “An army of aprons”. A little glue and that corner will be good as new.  Julie tells me that the background she created with a baby wipe that she had used for paint clean up. How clever is that! The women are from old sewing patterns. I love the nod to days gone by. Julie has tons of mail art goodness at her site, Just tickety-Boo.

The gondolas are a second side swap from Louise Mamet- Berthereau in France. Louise sent this one in an envelope, and I am so glad she did. Her work is museum worthy.  In the distance I can see people walking, and the close up details are crystal clear. Do you see the Gondolier on the left? To get a better look, visit her at Drops Of Everything. Treat yourself to a virtual trip to Venice!

There are still more side swaps on the way. I think I can expect at least five. Next week is the Liberate Your Art Blog Hop. Kat will treat us to her annual video with this years swapped art. Not to be missed!

Have a great weekend everybody!