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The Longest L.Y.A.


Dandelion covered in Snow. Christine G. Brooks. L.Y.A. Side swap 2016

Dandelion covered in Snow. Christine G. Brooks. L.Y.A. Side swap 2016

Roses, Marrianna Dougherty. Yellow Bloom, Original watercolor, Christine Brooks. 2016

Roses, Marrianna Dougherty. Yellow Bloom, Original watercolor, Christine Brooks. 2016

I thought I had received all of my side swap postcards. Lo and behold, I was wrong. And not only did I receive TWO lovely cards from one of the senders, but one of them was an original painting!

All of these gorgeous cards came to me from what will be new “neighbors” in Arizona. The Dandelion is from Christine Brooks of Flagstaff.  Took me a second look to realize it was not just a dandelion, but one that is covered in snow.

A day later, I received the beautiful watercolor, also from Christine. She said she painted it for me because I like sunflowers and Black-eyed Susans. How Lucky am I?! This was Christine’s first LYA. So glad you enjoyed the swap Christine! On the back, this quote:

You have nothing to PROVE,
just something to remember,
you are enough!
Jessica Ortner

The lovely roses are from Marrianna Dougherty, also from Flagstaff. As you can see the card had a rough trip, but the images are still stunning. Pretty in Pink! Flagstaff is only about an hour and a half from Prescott, so who knows, maybe we will all have a chance to meet for a creative, “play date”.

Thank you Christine and Marianna! Such a blessing to receive your art in my mailbox! I will get your cards out in the mail tomorrow.

Happy Monday ya’ll, have a super week!





Last of L.Y.A.


Trees in downtown Prescott AZ. April 2016 Sheila Delgado

Spring in Prescott Arizona. SMD

Back from Arizona. And in the mail, my last two side swap postcards. (No Really, these are the last two.) The gorgeous flower photo below is from Teena Lurlene and came to me from Richmond Virginia. Teena says the photo is untouched by Photoshop. Hard to believe (but I do Teena) because the colors are so lovely! Hard to tell in my photo, but the leaves are a stunning shade of Princely purple. I had to smack my self to stop staring.

The image in the top corner shows how the card arrived, the top layer had been neatly rolled back. No worries, double-sided tape to the rescue. Good as new! Teena said she chose this card for me, because I love flowers. Thank you Teena, I sure do love this one!

L.Y.A. Side swaps. Vibrant Flower by Teena Lurlene and Zentangle Art by Kat van Rooyen.

L.Y.A. Side swaps. Vibrant Flower by Teena Lurlene, Zentangle Art by Kat van Rooyen.

Kat van Rooyen’s card is so fun. That swirl in the middle makes me hungry. Reminds me of a licorice rope. It was fun reading everyone’s take on the L.Y.A. Facebook page. I love these patterns, including the “zingers” on the top. They look like little bee hives. Kat included this on the back of her card:

No one can see through your eyes,
no one can speak your art.

Thanks for this terrific reminder Kat! You can find more of Teena’s and Kat’s work by clicking on their link. They are both on Facebook as well. Thanks so much to both of you, for sharing these wonderful images with me! Brightened my day!


Prescott, Arizona

The trees above surround the Yavapai County Courthouse, in the center of Downtown Prescott. I took the photo from the car, as we were sitting at a light. Looking up. The dark branches, the pale yellow-green leaves, the blue of the sky. Couldn’t resist.

The new house is moving right along. We go back at the end of May for the inspection. They have started to extend our street, so there will be lots of activity. Here is a peek at the view out my “studio” window. The homes across the street are set far apart. So for the most  part, it will remain unobstructed. Knock on wood.

Looking east.

Looking east.


Happy Wednesday to you!