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Bunny Bolt

Bunny Study, 8 x 8 watercolor on Arches 140 lb. cold-pressed paper. © 2020 Sheila Delgado.
Bunny Study, 8 x 8 watercolor on Arches 140 lb. cold-pressed paper. © 2020 Sheila Delgado.

You knew I would paint him sooner or later. When I worked up the courage.

Calling this a study, as I feel I learned a lot in the process. I am going to paint him again. It was fun. I lightened the image I used as a reference after I did the painting. So you would be better able to see details. He appeared much darker before.

I botched one of the ears. And I edited the lighter ear areas digitally, as they looked much lighter in the scan. But, not thinking, I should have gone back in and darkened the outer edges more. My values are muddled a bit as well. But I am really happy with how he turned out!

Bunny on the run. SMD
Bunny on the run. SMD

Finally did the color chart for my larger palette. This small task was very meditative.
I have three colors on the lid. (center top row)
Not so clean after today’s painting. Haha.

Color Chart
Color Chart.

After many months, I finally finished painting this small table. My plan was to do a wood grain effect, to compliment my bed. But the raised panels would have required extra prep work. I applied the base coat and then put it off.

I wasn’t sure which direction to go next. When I bought it, it was a distressed, rustic white. It was a perfect size and a bargain. And I knew I could easily change the finish. I had an abundance of this blue, more indigo than a royal. And in a fit of wanting to get it done, that is what I went with.

I can always paint it again if I change my mind.

Three layers of paint. Two of a satin varnish that turned out to be much too glossy. And an additional layer of matte varnish to fix that mistake. Thankfully, I was chatting online with Sea Dean. I was bummed about the finish and decided to ask her opinion. I knew she would have some helpful suggestions. While we talked about the options, I remembered I had the varnish I used on the legs to my desk. Well, If I could find it. Haha. Being organized doesn’t always help when you are forgetful. Hahaha!

Blessedly, thankfully, after a few minutes’ search, I had my hands on it. Yes!!


I painted the “antique brass” handles a crisp metallic silver. And then aged them a bit with a watered layer of brown craft paint. Sealed them with the matte as well. Three full days of painting. Whew! And WOO WHOO! Laughing here. The table is only about a foot by two feet. I am so pleased with how it turned out. All of this with what I had on hand.

Side Table Refinished.
Side Table Refinished.
Satin is too glossy.
Satin is too glossy.

I am not sure if you can really see the difference, but the glossy is above, and the matte is below. I highly recommend this product. It is creamy and easy to apply. It dries quickly as well. It feels wonderful to the touch.

Soft Sheen.
Soft Sheen.
Waverly Matte Varnish
Waverly Matte Varnish

Stay strong, stay safe.
Hugs & prayers. 🙏 

I am happy to be alive, as long as I can paint.
Frida Kahlo

Don’t be an art critic. Paint. There lies salvation.
Paul Cezanne


4 x 4, watercolor on Arches 140 lb. cold-pressed paper. © 2020 Sheila Delgado.
4 x 4, watercolor on Arches 140 lb. cold-pressed paper. © 2020 Sheila Delgado.

WOWzers this month is flying by. Two days finishing the challenge. Four working on the group Pinterest board. Five days of cleaning my digital files. Three days on a deep “Spring” studio cleaning. Hmm. Still a few days I can’t account for. I must have spent them working on the files. And I probably have another five days of work there. Still, they were not as disheveled as I imagined.

Meanwhile. I want to paint! So I reached for my scrap stack and my watercolors. I used the last of the colors on my palette. It’s not much. A little 4 x 4. Calling it play. It served the purpose. Relaxation. Meditation. Fun.

When I saw the scan, I decided it needed some warmth. I found an old painting, digitally cropped a flower and pasted it onto this. I added some color to the center, it was white before.

I am working on a larger piece. The rooster I didn’t get to last month. Or the month before that. Yeah, yeah. Big time procrastination. I have never painted a rooster. Don’t know how. But thanks to Youtube, I am learning.

Wishing you good health, peace, and JOY!

Let kindness lead the way.

You can accomplish by kindness
what you cannot by force.
Publilius Syrus

There’s no such thing as a small act of kindness.
Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.
Scott Adams

Politeness is the flower of humanity.
Joseph Joubert

February 2020 30-Day Creative Gathering Collage

February 2020 30-Day Creative Gathering Collage, Sheila Delgado

What a difference a month makes! February flew by. I didn’t feel a loss of momentum until the final week. Being in pain will do that. In preparation for the challenge, I put together a file full of images to paint. I still have enough for another 30 paintings. Haha. Ideas abound. I intended to paint more abstracts. Planned on using Yupo more. Never enough time.

Each time I do the 30-day challenge, I wonder if I “grew” or developed new skills. I can never see it until some time has passed. I did try new subjects. Some that I never attempted before. The Cholla image, day 28, I took in 2012. WOW! I meant to paint it, and it has taken me this long. A little bit, out of sight out of mind. But also fear of painting so many spines. My first Cholla is not great, but it is better than I expected.

February 2020 30-Day Creative Gathering Favorites Collage, Sheila Delgado

Thanks so much for following along this month. I hope I did not bore you with my fascination with pointy things and desert natives. I appreciate your support and enjoy your comments and suggestions. 🙂 Thank you! It means a lot!

Congratulations and high five to the group artists. Whether you did 3 or 30, high five for making the bold attempt. For getting your art out into the world, and for encouraging others on their artistic journey! Thank you for taking part, and for making the group so lively and diverse! You ROCK! Hope to see you in September! HaPpY creating to you!