September 2021 30-Day Creative Gathering Collage

Sheila Delgado Sept 2021 30-Day Creative Gathering Collage

Welcome October! And goodbye to the September 2021 30-Day Creative Gathering. We had another successful event, the start of our third year as a group. WOW!

I am extremely happy with my work this month. I didn’t have a plan, or theme in mind. I’m pretty sure I always say that. Haha. And I was not able to prep at all before we started. I worked mostly with mixed media. I started with some collage and experimented with a few tools I rarely use. That was fun, and very time intensive. I went with abstracts next, Color field painting. I have often included these in my 30-Day events.

As you can see, I continued with florals. Mixed media as well, this time adding crayons to the mix. I used them as wax resist along with watercolors. I had so much fun playing with crayons, I just couldn’t stop. Apparently. Haha!

There are a handful that I may go back and add to, or tweak a bit. There are only two that I think are duds. Days 18 and 22. That is a pretty good percentage.

I love the daily conversations with my artist friends. I miss them the most when the challenge ends. Seeing amazing art each day is so inspiring and uplifting! A huge thank you to all of my fellow gatherer’s! For sharing your process, your successes, and your lessons learned when things didn’t go as hoped. I always learn so much from you!

As always, I also put together some of my favorites. They are the ones I had the most fun with. I’d love to hear which pieces you liked the best. 🙂

Sheila Delgado Sept 2021 30-Day Creative Gathering Collage Favorites

Thank you all for following along with me this month. Life is so busy.
I truly appreciate your encouragement and helpful suggestions.

Thank you.

In a few days I will share art from the group members.
You will be amazed and astounded!

Wishing you JOY!

8 thoughts on “September 2021 30-Day Creative Gathering Collage

    1. Sheila Post author

      So glad to hear that Johanne. It is always a pleasure to see your work. We are lucky to have you in the group. 🙂
      Happy creating to you, and we will see you in the next round. 🙂

  1. simply painting

    Wonderful works of art. I have really enjoyed following your progress through the month. Number 23 especially caught my eye when you posted it and as I look over the beauties in your collage, it still stands out to me. I have to say that is my favorite, but I love so many others too. Thanks for sharing your paintings and your thoughts and your encouragement with all of us. <3

    1. Sheila Post author

      Thanks so much Karin. 🙂
      That is my favorite as well. Everything just came together on that one. 🙂
      Thank you for following along and cheering me on. It means a lot, as you know.
      Congratulations on your WONDERFUL month of painting. It is always great to see your work. 🙂
      Blessings friend. Missed you. 🙂

  2. Val van der Poel

    Well done Sheila! A wonderful collection and interesting choice for your favourites. I have to agree with your choice of duds although the blue vase is great and I hope you don’t scrap it but can manage to fix the flowers. Thanks again for all your hard work this month keeping us organized and encouraged.

    1. Sheila Post author

      Haha, thanks for the confirmation Val. LOL Haha. 🙂
      You are so welcome. But truly, YOU and the active members of the group are the heart and soul that keep it alive.
      Thank you so much Val, for your support and advise. And for sharing our amazing talent with us. See you next time!
      Blessings friend 🙂


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