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Day 10 Of 30


All Around You, Day 10. 8 x 8 Acrylic on paper. © 2017 Sheila Delgado

All Around You, Day 10. 8 x 8 Acrylic on paper. © 2017 Sheila Delgado


This title came to me out of the blue. I was looking for something to relate to “round”. Lot’s of round going on here. I kept thinking the title sounded familiar. Asking myself, “Where have I heard that?”

After much thinking, it came to me. It’s the opening song in Love Actually. I have watched that movie more times than I can count.  A quick search, and I learned the original is by The Troggs. There’s my learn something new for today.

I had never heard their version.



This painting did not come together as effortlessly as Day 9. Naturally. I was trying too hard. You know I have run into that many times. Instead of using subtractive painting, the background went down first. I thought a light color would better show the green. I am not sure it worked.

My flower shapes are not as loose and organic as yesterday’s. And I think I overdid the splatter. The lavender shows much lighter in person. It was the first to go on and I felt that I needed the spots to be deeper, so I added more colors. And more and more. I may go back in and delete some digitally.

The vase has scratch marks, that barely show. I used three different colors. One appears lighter, and one appears much darker on the white porcelain palette, but they are all basically the same value. HUH? At some point, I decided to scrub out some of the base vase (LOL) color, and it left just a hint of darker edge. WHICH I think gives a subtle impression of shadow and form.

Also on the vase, I used two texture sheets to add large dots, and small dots, but again, that was a value  fail. I covered my mistake with a lighter shade, the same flesh tone that is in the background. I used a stylus to apply the paint, and I LOVE how the dots turned out. There are different sizes. I dipped in paint, and then made dots until the paint ran out.

The blooms are all basically the same value. Another value fail. I could go back in with some white, or add some pen outlines, or add darker blooms…

So maybe I should say this is a work in progress. I will set it aside and see what comes to me.

Thinking also that the lines on the table should be covered in black pen.

Having said all that, I like this piece. I would hang it as is. Looking at it from four feet away, the splatter is not nearly as invasive.

Interested to know your thoughts. BUT THE COMMENTS WON’T LET YOU COMMENT. So sorry for that. Updates still in progress. (It is far too quiet here at the studio!) Guess I have to take the bad with the good. Very glad the emails are going out again.


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More LYA Goodness



Mingus in March.

Mingus in March.


This view of Mingus was taken a few days ago. I looked up, and was blown away at the sight of that humongous cloud crowning the mountains. Glorious!

One side swap card, and one regular LYA postcard arrived. I love them both! Kat Sloma suggested we get creative with our postcard placement, when showing them in the Facebook group. My placement isn’t grand, but it is very fitting for both postcards.

The first arrival is a sweet and sparkly sea scene. This side swap is handmade by Trang Kang in Texas. I know you can’t see the pearlescent glitter, but it looks as if the water is glistening.  magical! When Trang and I agreed to side swap, she asked me what sorts of things I like. I had no idea that I was going to get a hand-made card.  I have another shell to add to my collection Trang! Thank you!


LYA #3, Black and White Meditations #1, David Wolanski. Seashells and Pearls, Trang Kang 2017

LYA #3, Black and White Meditations #1, David Wolanski. Seashells and Pearls, Trang Kang 2017


Trang included this beautiful message, written in sparkling turquoise on the back of the card:

May your spirit always be bathed in oceans of sunshine and may your soul contain treasures of peace, love and joy glimmering brighter than all the seashells and pearls.

Now how can you not smile while reading that! Thank you Trang for this beautiful reminder of why I love San Diego, the sea, the sand, and sea shells! And I love the recycled gift wrap envelope. A present! It looked like spring at first glance to me!

Part of the fun of this postcard swap is finding connections between senders and recipients. My connection with Trang is that I was born in Abilene Texas. I love Texas, even though I have only been there a few times. I lived there until I was 6 months old, but I can’t really tell you too much about it. LOL.

The photo card is from David Wolanksi. This is  #3, and the third card I have received from David during this swap! (You can see the first two here.) It is a signed and numbered, Black and White Meditations #1 Limited Edition Postcard series, 7 of 25. Now I have a Wolanski Trio!

David explains:

” I love this photo! I did down in the Mississippi Delta. In a restaurant that was at least 50 years old! Flaws and all!”

Thank you David for sharing your fabulous photography with me! Again! I can just make out the old dining chairs, trimmed with metal brads. I love old things! Places, buildings, homes, trees, books, history.

Midget Dictionaries, Burgess & Bowes, LTD., London. Printed in Belgium.

Midget Dictionaries, Burgess & Bowes, LTD., London. Printed in Belgium.

This was my inspiration for my postcard placement. Something old. I tried to think of the oldest thing I own. What came to mind was my vanity table. About 50 years old, when I bought it in 1984. And a set of travel translation dictionaries I found in an antique shop in Santa Barbara.

I am a sucker for old books. And these are in prime condition.

I think of someone like rose Dawson (Titanic) carrying them with her as she traveled the world in style.  There is no publish date in the books. But I did find some online that are similar from 1933.  A set in a box close to this is for sale on Ebay for £70!! ( I paid less than $20.)

These little books are roughly the size of an ATC. The pages have decorative edges, resembling cow hide. Each volume has 25,000 to 30,000 words and “dialogues for all occasions.” They also include photographic terms!

Thank you David, for sending me on this short journey to learn more about my books. I confess, I had not looked them up before. Now I have visions of Antique Roadshow running through my head! They might be worth hundreds! But no matter. They are not for sale. I might need them on my next world cruise!



Believe it or not, the second time I opened the book, it was to the page above. “Photography”


As you can see, changes are afoot here on my site. I have put in about 40 hours in the last few days. Long overdue. Seemed like for every item I crossed off the list, I wrote down two more. I added galleries, cleaned up the sidebar. Created widgets. “Freshened” just about everything.

Still a few details to take care of. But Whew! I think I might take a break for today!