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September 30-Day Creative Gathering

Ranunculus. Day 1, 8 x 8 on paper. © 2021 Sheila Delgado.
Ranunculus. Day 1, 8 x 8 on paper. © 2021 Sheila Delgado.

A load of laundry.
A load of pillows.
Did dishes.
Finished organizing art supplies.
Sampled paint colors. Eliminated some choices and grouped by value.
Painted a palette grouping the values.
Did a mani/pedi.

You know what this was. Procrastination. Haha.
Late last night I finally started painting. DUH. If I had done the first part in the afternoon, I might have finished in time.

The first layer is a napkin from Ikea. I thought I had separated the layers, but after I Placed it, I noticed there was one more layer. So instead of dark outlines, I had soft ones. I used matte medium top and bottom, so that took a long time to dry.

This morning, I cut the vase out of scrapbook paper, glued that on, and sat staring with no clue what to do next. Haha.

I didn’t have a vision or a plan. I was inspired by some playful florals I found on Pinterest, and Instagram. And I feel like I missed the mark. That is exactly what this needs. A few bold marks. So. A work in progress.

I think I need to add some bright marks, and I need to brighten the leaves. I used stamps, ink, acrylics, posco pen and watercolor.

The background was originally a pale turquoise. It seemed too light, the vase was not standing out. So I laid a wash of Inktense over it, and dabbed it off. I left it slightly darker around the edge of the vase. The splatters turned out much large than I wanted. The blooms are so dark, adding the light might not be such a bad thing.

Early evening. Time to start number two.

Playful Peppermint Patti


The end. For now. 6 x 6 acrylic on paper. 2017 Sheila Delgado

The end. For now. 6 x 6 acrylic on paper. 2017 Sheila Delgado


More play with paint and paper. This is not a finished piece, and I still am not sure what I will use these for. But the point is I am painting, experimenting. Being creative. Oh and I should add that these images are photos, not scans. The colors and lighting are off a bit, sorry about that.

I signed up for, and received two free samples of Liquitex Heavy Body acrylic paint. This is part of the Liquitex cadmium free challenge. (You can see more on YouTube as well.) I was hoping for yellow. Because, well, you know what I like to paint with yellow. But freebie beggars can’t be choosers. Two .74 oz. tubes of cad red arrived.

They have been sitting on my desk for about two weeks. I am not much of a red user. Except to make other colors. I know, I know, my favorite Shiraz is a red. But it is so much more than red. 😉

So what to do with free red paint. Hmm. Yeah, Christmas. But I never feel like painting Christmas, until about the following February. So my thought was to use it as an accent, and “tone” it down with other colors. Yesterday, I used only white and red. Today I added Fuchsia.

To start, a layer of red, applied with the brayer.



Next was about five layers of different stamps and different colors. I was adding them so quickly, I forgot to take photos.



I should have stopped there. But it was a little messy in that bottom left corner.



There you go Sheila. Now you have really mucked it up. Only one thing to do.




And here we are. Stage one done.


The end. For now. 6 x 6 acrylic on paper. 2017 Sheila Delgado

The end. For now. 6 x 6 acrylic on paper. 2017 Sheila Delgado


There is a lot of wonderful texture going on from all the unseen layers.


Time to sit down to Season 2 of the Crown!

Happy Weekend!





From Chaos



Soul Art 2017. 12 x 12 mixed media on paper. © 2017 Sheila Delgado

Soul Art 2017. 12 x 12 mixed media on paper. © 2017 Sheila Delgado


Hours filled with blessed creation. International Soul Art Day 2017 proved to be meaningful, mindful,  and mending. This was my fifth year participating. I always find it so hard to put into words.

I was in the moment. No plan. Feels like I have said that before about Laura Hollick’s Soul Art Day. Layer after layer, I continued to paint without a preconceived idea of where I wanted the work to go.


In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.
Deepak Chopra


Not sure why the word chaos came to me when thinking of a title for this post. The only chaos was the unrestrained creative activity. The free-flowing mark making.


We live in a rainbow of chaos.
Paul Cezanne



First layers.

First layers.


Watercolor dripping and staining the paper. Wine, yellow, orange, fuchsia, rust. Acrylic stamping with wood and rubber. Stenciling gone wrong, paint too wet. Do more “wrong” stenciling in different areas. Use a dropper to add more yellow acrylic. Mist water on top and watch the paint spread in jagged blooming fingers. More yellow marks with a twig.


It seems like the chaos of this world is accelerating,
but so is the beauty
in the consciousness of more and more people.
Anthony Kiedis



Detail 1.

Detail 1.

White acrylic scribbles and swirls. Some of the watercolor mixes in and softens the bright here and there. White repeating texture. Some strong, some fading. Some becomes soft yellow when paint accidentally mixes.

Wine dipped dry brush tapped on the paper. Marks become like feathers. Thinking flight. Freedom. Spirit.  Jagged marks with watercolor pencil. Swirling scribble line to cover the page.



Detail 2.

Detail 2.

Dark splatters in watercolor and acrylic. Cover almost all with watery white acrylic. Layering in patches. Use the same square brush that made the feather marks.

Outline Seussical shapes with black marker until it runs dry. Continue with thick wine watercolor. Cover black marker with the same. Soft diluted splatters finish it off like sprinkles on frosting.


Art is the triumph over chaos.
John Cheever


A few tools.

A few tools.


When we submit our work to the Soul Art Gallery, Laura asks about our process, what the day means to us, and what insight we gained from taking part. The insight was slow in coming. Maybe I just was not focused on that.

That inner nagging voice told me that this wasn’t about creating a pretty picture. Maybe I took a wrong turn and missed the path to enlightenment. Maybe I was stupid for worrying and being too serious.

Maybe it did not HAVE to be deep, to be meaningful.

It wasn’t until the last layer of whitewash that it came to me. A single, simple thought. I know. Not very original or deep. But a message just the same.


Bloom where you are planted.