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Day 21 Of Thirty


#21. 4 x 6 in. watercolor on Arches 140 lb. cold pressed paper. © 2018 Sheila Delgado.

#21. 4 x 6 in. watercolor on Arches 140 lb. cold pressed paper. © 2018 Sheila Delgado.


I started a series of these abstract landscape postcards. I have about a dozen 4 x 6 “scraps” from larger sheets.  To be honest, my mojo is taking a siesta. I thought, “How bad can I screw up a simple postcard?” HA! Ha ha ha.

Out of eleven, I think I have three good ones. Not too bad of a batting average. Not great, but not bad. I think. I won’t do the math on that one.

It does mean that I can say I am two days ahead. Woo Whoo! But I will likely keep painting, and hoping for something better. I’ve got three busy days next week and that means my posts will continue to be sporadic.

My first #21 was this abstract collage. Well, it was abstract until I decided to put flowers on it. The start was just me getting every last drop of paint off my brush (from day 20). It was like the energizer bunny, it just kept going, and going, and going.


Day 21 start

Day 21 #1, mixed media and collage.


This month whooshed by!  We are starting the last week of the challenge. Whoa!


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Day 6 Of 30


Promise, Day 6. 4 x 4 Mixed Media on panel. © 2018 Sheila Delgado

Promise, Day 6. 4 x 4 Mixed Media on panel. © 2018 Sheila Delgado


Showing this a bit larger, so you can see some of the details. I love the grid marks on the left. That is the panel texture. These panels started with leftover paint on my palette. A swish here, a few marks there. Shiraz, blue, turquoise, rusty orange.

To finish, I added collage, dots and circles. Light Ivory painted on, and rubbed off. Kiwi green, and white Neocolor scribbles. The green is showing much more neon than it is in person. I really feel as if I did, well, not much at all. The bloom was pure accident. It all came together quickly. Nice when that happens!


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September Painting Challenge Review



Sheila Delgado September Challenge Collage 9 2016


The September painting challenge was a salvation for me. Your kind and generous support has lifted me up, and enabled me to have a productive month. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

The move in July and August was exhausting, and threw me into a Lupus flare. Everything that could go wrong, did.  (See list below.) My energy level was in the negative. I woke up depleted, and counted the hours until it was time for bed. When it was, I couldn’t fall asleep before 2 am. I lost my appetite, was short of breath and had no strength. I lost fifteen pounds.

It was a full month (August) before I had enough energy to even think about unpacking. During that time, we had workers in and out of the house. Unpacking had to wait until some of that work was completed. My goal was to be settled and ready to paint by September first. And guess what, I was!

I did not have a theme planned, nor was I able to prep or start painting before day one. Mountains, cacti, flowers and a bunny. A few themes there. All sure to be revisited. You can see my favorites from this month below.


Sheila Delgado - Favorite pieces from 9. 2016 challenge


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The most used colors in my palette continued on from the September 2015 challenge. Many more colors I enjoy, and many I would like to try. I just find myself reaching for these staples.

Sheila Delgado Palette September 2016


Thanks again to all of you who followed along with me this month – you are a blessing!
I am so thankful for your friendship and support!



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Some of you had asked about the how the move went.
Moving complications list:
truck that arrived was too small
moving crew arrived late and without needed equipment and only 2 movers, not 4
rented 2nd truck which was too small, had to exchange it
moving crew took longer to load than stated
still loading trucks as new owners were moving in
after full day of loading and cleaning, drove to Prescott
arrived at midnight, had to wait for room, which was on 2nd floor, no elevator
changed room after 2 days as we had requested the first floor (moving coolers, suitcases, and supplies needed for our two-week stay)
new house not ready when promised
19 days in hotel room

But for all that stress, we have been BLESSED since we have been in the house (19th of August). We found movers that were above all expectations. Helping to place and unwrap the furniture. They even returned a couple of times just to help move heavy pieces.  The crews – landscaping, closet installers, electrician, tile, pantry woodworker – have all been supreme! We consider all of them friends.

The neighbors on our street are all from California. And with potlucks and a neighborhood garage sale today, there is no shortage of activity.

Thanks again, I am so thankful for your friendship and support!