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World Watercolor Month 2023

Day 22, WWM 2023. © 2023 Sheila Delgado.
Day 22, 5 x 5 in. WWM 2023. © 2023 Sheila Delgado.

For me, July started slow. Or maybe it was just me feeling like a sloth from the heat. Chug, chug, chug, then whoosh! I was in the mood for flowers this month. Still, I did manage to change it up here and there. I made an effort to use scraps, small bits of paper. And I had fun with those. The largest I worked this month was 5 x 5 inches. That felt like the perfect size for a daily painting.

I found a terrific video about painting wet on wet cats. Furballs. She also does birds, dragonflies and flowers that look really fun. I have since done about a dozen furry critters, that may turn up in a pattern soon. I stopped my watercolor month at 30. Monday was crammed, and I decided to cut myself some slack. I even snuck in a short nap. Actually, it snuck up on me. 🥴

World Watercolor Month 2023, Final week. © 2023 Sheila Delgado.
World Watercolor Month 2023, Final week. © 2023 Sheila Delgado.
Day 25, WWM 2023. Prickly Pear, © 2023 Sheila Delgado.
Day 25, 5 x 5 in. WWM 2023. Prickly Pear, © 2023 Sheila Delgado.

August means starting my planning for the September 30-Day Creative Gathering. What was it Cathy (comic strip) would say? ACK! 😲😄

✨✨ Coming soon! Our ninth gathering! Wowzers! ✨✨

Falling Leaves Wallpaper. © 2023 Sheila Delgado.
Falling Leaves Wallpaper. © 2023 Sheila Delgado.

Falling leaves placed at #1497 of 1723 with 15 votes. I knew it would not place well when I voted and saw all of the fabulous florals. So gorgeous! But I am happy with this design and will do a few more colorways.

Thanks so much for following along with me this month. It went by fast, didn’t it? And thank you for taking the time to vote on Falling Leaves! I know it is a chore.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂
Chat with you soon!

Wishing you JOY!

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What You Lookin’ At?

Passing Storm, Mingus Mountain. SMD © 2019
Passing Storm, Mingus Mountain. SMD © 2019

The news is out. Leslie Saeta has officially decided to stop hosting the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. Or perhaps It’s just September that is canceled. Christiane Drieling told me, and I do not want to misquote. Christiane has the awesome idea of hosting an informal challenge on Facebook. Yay!

Are you interested? Do you know artists who have participated before, and might like to again? Please help us spread the word. I will post the link as soon as Christiane creates the page. Ginny Butcher has decided to participate as well. Let’s’ keep the momentum going!

If 30 is too much, how about doing one a week? If you have never participated before, you can click on the link above to see the outline Leslie used. (Maybe I shouldn’t be posting that.) And maybe we will change it up a little. Stay tuned 😉

Goodnight Mingus. SMD © 2019
Goodnight Mingus. SMD © 2019

More good news. I am doing MUCH better! I haven’t had any problems since my last post. Eleven days. Woo-Whoo! Very relieved about that.

I am able to sip slightly larger sips. And take ever so slightly larger bites. Still doing the chew, chew, chew. Making sure my soft foods are completely broken up before I swallow. And it is such a relief to be able to take in more water. I am still not hitting the 64 oz. mark. Inching closer. But I do not feel water-deprived anymore. Ahh.

Not sure I have mentioned it before, but I drink water consistently throughout the day. I have a 32 oz. bottle, and prior to surgery, I think I drank 5 or six of those a day. Now I can barely do one and a half. And my skin is missing it! So dry!

So good news all around! Getting the vitamins down much more easily, water and food. Whew! I think it may have been your encouraging words! Thank you all so much! You had me in tears 🙂

There is nothing better than a friend,
unless it is a friend with chocolate.
Linda Grayson

Couldn’t resist. Honestly, though, I am craving salad. Lettuce. A nice crunchy salad. Toast. Mmm, avocado toast with a poached egg. OK. I’m stopping.

Maybe I was hungry when I took the photo below, but I see a fish cloud. I messed up and cut off the tail. All the other photos I took came out blurry. (I was sitting at a red light.)

Do you see what I see? Ha-ha-ha.

Something fishy going on.  SMD © 2019
Something fishy going on. SMD © 2019

I will leave you with this little bird. I was standing at the window, checking out Mingus. And he flew up on the ledge and started checking things out too. The berries, and plants of course. I turned slowly and started taking pictures of him. For a long time, he did not notice. But then he saw me. And then he was gone.

What you lookin' at? SMD © 2019
What you lookin’ at? SMD © 2019

Oh, one more thing. I have finally decided what to use for my annual postcard. I will get them ordered, and have them mailed out hopefully by the middle of next month. I have had the stamps since before the surgery! Ha-ha-ha. 🙂

The site switch over is complete! Thank you, Randy, for all your hard work, in spite of a broken wrist! But I can see things are missing here. Hate that. So now I have work to do. As expected. Notice the empty bottom of this post. All the like and share buttons are missing, and the links to similar posts. I know why that happens now. Thanks to a Youtube video. Still, it is aggravating. So off to work I go. And I also hope to prep some pieces before the first. Fingers crossed.

See you in September!