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Liberate Your Art Blog Hop 2018


L.Y.A. 2018 Postcards. SMD

L.Y.A. 2018 Postcards. SMD


No! No! Say it isn’t so! The 2018 Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap can’t be over! Well, it isn’t really. The official swap has concluded, but NOW the side swapping begins. Well, truth be told some of the artists sent out their sides a month ago. Yes, YOU know WHO your are 🙂

This is my 8th LYA event. If you would like to see Kat’s videos from previous years, click the Liberate Your Art link under the gallery tab at the top of this page. I am pretty sure I forgot to post my cards in the LYA Facebook group. Only did two this year. A couple of my favorites from the 30 in 30 challenge.

Here are this year’s stats, from Kat:

804 pieces of art liberated
134 artists
10 countries
31 US states

Way to go Kat!
High five LYA artists!


My first arrival came from Sue Brinner in Springfield VA. You know, it actually has a few chunks missing, but I didn’t even notice. I guess love is in the eye of the beholder. Her photo features Chihuly glass on display at the New York Botanical Gardens. I LOVE his work. Aren’t these beautiful?


LYA #1 Sue Brinner


Karen Koch’s card came next. Karen is in Hudson Ohio and you can find her at LifeNeedsArt.com. I love map art. If you do as well, check out my Pinterest board. I also have a board on postcards, naturally. Nature and nostalgia inspire Karen. She uses modern and vintage paper, book pages, paint, and thread to create her awesome art. Her work is rich in texture and meaning. Karen’s message:

Believe in  your creativity!
Let it shine!

So glad you followed your own advice Karen, and joined in the swap!


LYA #2 Karen Koch


The next two postcards arrived on the same day.


“Serene Poppies” by Fran Stamper, and “Angel Of Courage” by Cathy Clement.


Fran Stamper lives in Little River South Carolina. Her poppies are alcohol inks. I love the loose,  simplified forms! Gorgeous! Fran’s Message:

An artist has to be a little like Lewis & Clark,
Always exploring in new, uncharted directions.
C.W. Mundy


Cathy Clement’s greeting came from the beautiful icy shores of Lake Superior. The message around the angel, “Step into the light and trust, trust, trust.” How wonderful is that!

On the back:

An angel told me you want to Liberate Your Art!
Today… Liberate your inner awesome!



LYA #5 Chrisann Risser


My fifth card is from Chrisann Risser. You can see more of her terrific photos at the link. Her image is so peaceful and quiet. I Love Chrisann’s message:

Be the weirdo who dares to enjoy!
Liz Gilbert, Big Magic



Anomalous, Kat Sloma


Kat’s coveted card closes out the correspondence. Isn’t this awesome! Kat’s message:

Creativity takes courage.
Henri Matisse

You have proved yourself courageous!


You can see more of Kat’s amazing work at Kat Eye Studio. If you would like to take part in next years LYA, sign up for her newsletter. Do be sure to visit Kat’s post on the swap. Her awesome, art filled video is there, and news of her swap giveaways. More enticement for you to consider signing up!

As always, each card I received reinforces my believe that we are all connected. Common interests with each of these. Trees, maps, Chihuly, mixed media, alcohol inks, photography, ocean appreciation.

HUGE thanks Kat, for another awesome Swap! For the terrific video, and most of all, for all your time and efforts! Thanks to the LYA helpers! Thanks to all the L.Y.A. swappers! I love each card I have received, and I am grateful you have shared your fabulous art with me!


I will be sharing the side swaps as they come in. They are really too wonderful to keep to myself 😉 Follow the links below to see more wonderful postcard art.


[inlinkz_linkup id=773803 mode=1]






Day 11

Day 11, Glory. 4 x 4 watercolor on Mineral paper. © 2016 Sheila Delgado

Day 11, Glory. 4 x 4 watercolor on Mineral paper. © 2016 Sheila Delgado

I have to be honest and say, this came together quickly. I painted a day ahead, to free up time for working on the invites. I am curious to find out if I can duplicate it on a larger scale.

2016 Liberate your Art

Kat Sloma’s annual Liberate Your Art postcard exchange is coming around again. All are invited. You can make your own cards, as I do, or have them professionally printed. Each year I have been fortunate to exchange many “extra swaps” with friends. I have taken part since 2011, long before I had a blog.

The goal for the exchange is to get your art out into the world. Interested? Take a look at the 2015 LYA, or click on the links below in the sidebar.

How I Make My Postcards

I use Photoshop, and publisher. You can also use Gimp, perhaps even Word. Using an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper yields four cards. You can print double-sided onto heavy card-stock, or glue separate pieces together (front to back).  Here are some samples from previous years.

You can include handwritten greetings, or inspirational quotes, or both!

Post cards front and back. sheiladelgado.com

Post cards front and back. sheiladelgado.com

Very simple, and such a joy to receive art in your mailbox! Think about it.


My Pinterest board
for this challenge is over 560 strong!

Visit Leslie’s site, where all the daily art is posted,
and see her terrific abstract art as well. 






Liberate Your Art 2015

liberate your art postcards Sheila Marie Delgado © 2015

Step one done

It is time once again for Kat Sloma’s Liberate Your Art Postcard Exchange. I have participated every year, since the beginning in 2011. Kat’s exchange was one of the very first places I dared to share my art. There is still one day to sign up and the deadline to mail your cards is March 14, 2015. Join us!

Artists in any medium. Photography, painting, poetry, typography, jewelry, sculpture, knitting, cooking, illustration – you name it. If you can have an image of your art printed on a postcard, you are in!

You send 5 printed postcards of your art with a message written on the back, along with address labels and return postage. Kat and her crew of volunteers swap them around, and you receive 6 postcards in the mail over several weeks: 5 from participants, plus one from Kat!

You can have your cards printed professionally, or make them yourself. I always make mine.

I printed the images on photo paper, and the back of the post card is on card stock. I set them up on a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper (in Publisher). Four to a sheet. Next I will attach the fronts to the backs, and trim as needed. Double sided tape and a paper-cutter makes assembly easy peasy! ( I blurred the message so it will be a surprise.)

I make extras and a lot of us do swaps on the side. I will share the cards I receive with you as they come in.

YAY snail mail!