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Starting To Look Like Me



Sunflower. 4 x 4 Alcohol Ink on Mineral paper. © 2016 Sheila Delgado

Sunflower. 4 x 4 Alcohol Ink on Mineral paper. © 2016 Sheila Delgado

I know what you are thinking. Sheila! Paint something different!

Still here is another flower.

In an effort to gain familiarity with Alcohol Inks, I gave myself one less thing to worry about. Trying new subject matter. My first attempt turned out to have too many harsh edges. Notice the red below.

Sunflower, before. 4 x 4 Alcohol Ink on Mineral paper. © 2016 Sheila Delgado

Sunflower, before. 4 x 4 Alcohol Ink on Mineral paper. © 2016 Sheila Delgado

I went back in with the yellow to soften the red. I don’t feel entirely successful. Not what I had in mind. But it did soften those lines. Maybe if I went back in with the caramel color, the mix of red and that… hmm. Thinking, thinking.

By the way, I am still learning the Brand color names, so bear with me. I don’t have them sitting in front of me now. The “red” is actually Pinata Senorita Magenta. Which I have decided I don’t like on its own, but mixed it has promise. (It is too neon pink for me.) Pinata colors are highly saturated, intense pigments.

I finally figured out how I should set my work space up for the inks. Sandy showed us how she works. But for some reason, my fear of making a permanent mess kept me from, spreading out.




Working like I do with watercolor. Two containers for cleaning the brush (usually use three). These are filled with alcohol. Two paper towels for the double dip cleaning. (Dip in dirty alcohol, clean on dirty towel, repeat with clean alcohol and towel). An extra sheet of paper to use as a palette, and another to use as a mask.  I used a stylus to apply clean alcohol in the flower head for controlled spots, as well as splattering ink.

I feel more in control working with a brush. Rather than pouring straight from the bottle. But a brush requires MAJOR cleaning after each color. That makes me feel like I am wasting a lot of product. I think maybe if i use a different brush for each color, I can avoid the waste. (Thank goodness for cheap brush packs!) A limited palette and one thorough cleaning at the end of a session might work. Thinking, thinking.

And yes, Sandy, this is exactly how you showed us to set up! Teacher knows best! And yes, I trust you. It’s my clumsiness I did not trust.


I was leery about scanning the inks. Would they stick to my scanner? I waited until I thought this was dry, and I even pressed a clean paper over it to check, and pull off any wet ink. Still, it stuck. And I am not too keen on having to clean my scanner after every ink scan. The final image above was scanned, and the before was a camera shot (phone). Maybe if I scan with the lid raised a bit, it won’t be a problem.


All men are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field;
the grass withers and the flowers fall,
but the word of the Lord stands forever.
1Peter 1:24-25





Day 25 of 30 – Sunflower



Sunflower. 6 x 6 watercolor on Arches 140 lb. cold pressed paper. © 2016 Sheila Delgado

Sunflower. 6 x 6 watercolor on Arches 140 lb. cold pressed paper. © 2016 Sheila Delgado

Whew! Got lucky again. Started by sprinkling clean water on the paper. First the head, and then the petals. I see some things I would like to improve. This is more linear than loose, but I really had fun working on it!

Ok, you are going to kill me, but this song popped into my head while I was painting. Sunshine Day by that classic band, The Brady Bunch. I had to listen or go crazy. If you dare, just be sure to stop it before Bobby goes into sexy mode. I mean really, whose idea was it for kids to act sexy?? Totally dating myself, but what the heck if you get a kick out of it.



Treat yourself to the Day 25 art on Leslie Seata’s 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge!
My Pinterest board for the event is bursting with over 1100 works of art!








Sunflower ATC. Watercolor. © 2016 Sheila Delgado

Sunflower ATC. Watercolor. © 2016 Sheila Delgado


Boxes, boxes everywhere,
dust and cobwebs in my hair.
Shelves are empty,
cupboards bare.
Boxes, boxes everywhere.

Looking for the bubble wrap,
searching for the tape.
Looking forward to the nap,
I know I probably won’t take.

Done with project one,
now on to two and three.

That’s as high as I will count today,
to keep my sanity.

Seven more days of messy,
seven more nights of my bed bliss.

Two weeks of hotel limbo,
my bed is what I’ll miss.

(Written seven days ago. Don’t think I quite finished it.)


We are finally moving. After almost a year of keeping immaculate for showings. The house was sold several times, but fell out of escrow when untruths were discovered. In the end, there were three buyers interested at once.

We are off to Arizona. Have to be out of here by the 28th and we won’t get the keys to the new house until the middle of July.

On the ninth, my brothers wedding. Small and fairly casual. Lunch at Buca di Beppo. One of his favorites.

Here’s a peek at the house… from about a week ago.




The truck and moving crew will be here soon!

Happy week to you!