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Fields Of Green



Amy Irwen, LYA side swap 2017.

Amy Irwen, LYA side swap 2017.


This gorgeous surprise arrived today. All the way from Minnesota! At first glance I thought it was a collage. And it is of course, in a way. I love the vivid colors, the warmth, the pop of black. Love the ode to nature and the repeating shapes.

The date on this is 2016. Amy said she didn’t get her cards out this year. I am counting myself lucky to receive this “leftover”! Amy sent a personal message on the back of the card, and wishes me “Happy Arting!” She also included a sweet sticker tribute to a friend who was a mail artist. Isn’t that a terrific idea?

The card is postmarked the 17th of May. Arrived on the 25th. LOL. Thanks Amy for sharing your art with me! It was such a nice surprise!


Yesterday was Soul Art Day and It was a blessed day of creating. Tomorrow I will share the work with you.

Happy arting Amy – and to you all as well!






L.Y.A. Postcard #1


LYA #1 2017, Deanie Houghtaling, Phoenix AZ

LYA #1 2017, Deanie Houghtaling, Phoenix AZ

Yay! Postcard art in my mailbox! This card traveled to Oregon and made a round trip back to Arizona. Phoenix is an hour and half down the hill. Deanie and have swapped before, and I am so excited to receive her card again this year.

This is a photo of the Love Locks in Paris France taken in 2016. Isn’t that a great thought?

On the back:

” I take in all the colorful locks that line the bridge. Each one told a story. Each lock represented a relationship that was once special, whether it ended or turned into true happiness. The locks represented a past, present and a possible future.”
Ashley Earley, Alone in Paris

Deanie added:

“I always want to know the story behind the lock!

I want to know the story as well.  Don’t you think it would make a great movie? The story behind the stories? Well guess what, Hallmark has one. Learn about the real Love Locks.

You can find more from Deanie on Instagram, @deanie213 and @focusonphoenix. Check them out!

Thanks Deanie! I love this card. It has me thinking of Paris, happy stories, and you!



Liberate Your Art 2017



LYA Postcards 2017, SMDelgado

LYA Postcards 2017, S.M.Delgado

Kat Sloma’s Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap begins tomorrow. I had my cards printed this year, instead of making them myself. I am happy with how they turned out. The card stock is not as heavy as I expected, but they should survive the USPS.

Kat shared my envelope again this year on one of her posts. Such an honor to be included with so many talented, amazing artists. I always feel so uncreative when it comes time to decorate my envelope.  My mind goes blank. LOL.

LYA 2017 Envelope, SMD

LYA 2017 Envelope, SMD

I have already shared a few early side swaps with you. Stay tuned as I share the cards I receive, and hopefully tell more about the artists who have created them. Happy LYA to Kat and all the swappers!



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