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L.Y.A. Side Swap And A Template


LYA Side Swap #5, Steamboat Springs CO, Sonya Versluys

LYA Side Swap #5, Steamboat Springs CO, Sonya Versluys


This beautiful card from Sonya Versluys came just as Denver is dealing with a blizzard. I have family in that area, and lived in Denver before moving to San Diego. I grew up in Loveland, Co., and I have visited lovely Steamboat Springs. Connections are always part of what is interesting about the postcard swap. Sonya included this inspirational verse:

Your creative voice is stronger, louder,
and more powerful than any other.
Use it!

I think I need to post that above my desk for a daily reminder. You can find Sonya at www.sonyaversluys.com and on Instagram. Visit her gorgeous blog to see more of her beautiful photos! Take a look at her 365 Days of Joy video!

How I Make My Postcards

Several of you have asked how I make my postcards. I shared a samples a few weeks ago. Now I have a PDF with step by step instructions for you. Feel free to print it, and to share it. If you get lost along the way, just email me, and I will gladly help! It is so much easier to order printed cards. I enjoy making the cards, handmade feels like I am giving a gift.

Duck, Duck, Swim

The ducks are still daily visitors. They have been napping mostly. Caught them as they were jumping in the pool. Time too cool off!

Ducks in the pool, 3.25.16, sheiladelgado.com

A drink…

Ducks in the pool, 3.25.16, sheiladelgado.com

…and a dip in the pool.

Enjoy your day!




One More Try


Yellow Bird,revised. 8 x 8 watercolor and pen on Arches 140 lb. cold pressed paper. © 2016 Sheila Delgado

Yellow Bird,revised. 8 x 8 watercolor and pen on Arches 140 lb. cold pressed paper. © 2016 Sheila Delgado

I added a grey wash over the branches that did not have it in the first version. On screen, the pen marks are not showing up as well as they do in person.

We had rain most of the morning. Soft and steady. No sign of the ducks, then all of a sudden a female came crashing down into the pool. Sorry to say I didn’t get the shot. Two seconds later Mr. and another female landed on the grass. They stayed for about an hour. They had a snack, preened and climbed the stairs to the top deck. But I am guessing they had enough of the wet, as they did not get in the pool again. Pip also made a brief visit with a few friends.

Ducks #3, sheiladelgado.com

Ducks #1, sheiladelgado.com

Ducks #2, sheiladelgado.com






Out On A Ledge


Ducks on a ledge. sheiladelgado.com


Still working on how to share the videos with  you. The files are huge and even compressed, they are bigger than allowed by WordPress. Here is an almost video. These two were not around until just as the sun was going down. They stood on the Jacuzzi ledge for about ten minutes, preening.

Today was warm, and I thought maybe they were cooling their feet in the waterfall. But Google let me know that ducks’ feet have no nerves or blood vessels. So they never feel the cold, even if they swim in icy water.