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Sketchy Sunflowers

Sketchy Sunflowers. 4 x 6 mixed media on paper. © 2018 Sheila Delgado

Sketchy Sunflowers. 4 x 6 mixed media on paper. © 2018 Sheila Delgado


Started out light and, sketchy. Then I added another layer. And a bit more. I love artists that have a light, delicate touch. So often want to paint that way. But I always end up heavy on the color. So I have to face it. That is me.

This is the first in my birthday Sketchbook gift from Jerry’s Artarama. I used pencil, Inktense, Neocolor and a waterbrush. The paper buckled while I was working, but I left it overnight with a weight on it, and I have to say I am pleased with how flat it dried.

Somehow this 4 x 6 book seems smaller than a 4 x 6 postcard. Weird. Just my brain. I have wanted to start a sketchbook for a while. I so admire the sketch books I see by those of you who keep them. So shout out to Jerry’s – Thank you!

This was fun!






Art Journal – Work in Progress

I attended Terri Sproul’s Art Journal Class. It was LIVE on YouTube. OK, I am really behind the times, because I did not know you could do a live class on YouTube. How awesome is that!  Terri holds this class every Tuesday at 6 pm pacific. She was so much fun, and she shared so much information on products and how to’s. Click on the link, and you can watch all of her classes.You really should think about checking it out!

I don’t have an art journal, so I worked on some loose pages. I think I am going to use my sketch pad as a journal for now. That should work. I don’t know why I never considered doing an art journal before. I do really like the idea of allotting time each week just for creative play.

This is the beginning of my pages, I have a few more ideas I want to play with. I need to add some more dark areas, for balance. I found this great image in a magazine, and she was calling my name. She is a princess, and I am not really a princess type of girl, but the artwork is gorgeous, so there it is. I am trying to contact the artist, and if she gives the OK, I will show you the pretty princess when I post the final piece.  Do you like them so far?

Work in progress. Acrylics, stickers, collage, stamps.

Work in progress. Acrylics, stickers, collage, stamps.