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PJ Lawrence, acrylic and oil pastel. LYA side swap 2017.

PJ Lawrence, acrylic and oil pastel. LYA side swap 2017.

Seven postcards arrived today. Nine pieces of art in total.WOW, lucky day ‘ey? This first card is from PJ Lawrence in Tennessee. She tells me it is in an altered photography book. Oh my, that sounds like fun! The back of her card has some really cool graphics and a wish,


Just love your card PJ! Gorgeous colors, shapes and textures! Thanks so much!! A reminder for me to mix my media and experiment more in my own abstracts!

Sherry Harmes, LYA side swap 2017

Sherry Harmes, LYA side swap 2017

Sherry and I began talking about LYA months before it started. She didn’t say, but this piece almost looks like it is painted on wood. So much wonderful texture! I always look forward to Sherry’s cards, She often takes the most basic elements, and turns them into wonderful works of art. Never fails to surprise!

Conceive, Believe, Achieve!

Sherry’s message, she includes the date sent, current Larsen Bay Alaska temperature, Winds calm, and Seas at 4 feet. There is a sparkly family of Polar bear stickers. I can’t help but smile, thinking of them animated and perhaps enjoying an icy cold Coke! She also sends her trademark “Hugs!”

Love  your card Sherry! The rustic, nautical, majestic feel. Thanks so much for always swapping with me!

Christine Brooks, San Francisco Mountains, Flagstaff. Watercolor. LYA side swap 2017

Christine Brooks, San Francisco Mountains, Flagstaff. Watercolor. LYA side swap 2017

Christine Brooks shared her wonderful watercolor this year. Aren’t these mountains gorgeous?! On the back was a personal message, and a simple wish:


So love the simplified, loose look of this piece. Inspiring Christine! You are right – this is a fun swap! I am so glad to have met you, and I am sure we will meet in person one day soon!

Funny connection side note, my mothers maiden name is Francisco, and her name is Kristina.

Thanks Christine for sharing your lovely, wonderful art with me!

In the Thicket of Things, Suzette Rothlisberger. Side swap 2017

In the Thicket of Things, Suzette Rothlisberger. Side swap 2017

This soft photo is so lovely! Makes me think of fine Victorian women in all their splendor. Delicate, precious, regal. This thought came to mind. Even as beauty fades, strength endures. On the back Suzette included this sweetness:

Surely a star danced in Heaven on the day you were born

Suzette included a link for flicker, but sadly I can not read enough of it to share. Suzette, if you read this, please share it in a comment so we can see more of your gorgeous work! Suzette was so creative with her post card displays this year. Very entertaining!

Thank you Suzette for sharing your work with me! And thank you for making the arrivals so much fun to see!

Houston Skyline, Lisa Comperry. LYA side swap 2017

Houston Skyline, Lisa Comperry. LYA side swap 2017

Look at those clouds! Look closer and you can see that lightning is striking. This is a low res image, Lisa’s photo is so much better. I know Lisa is a true photographer. She tells me she took this from the parking garage at the Museum of Fine Arts.

Even Lisa’s stamp is stunning!

Historic Galveston Pleasure Pier. Lisa Comperry

Historic Galveston Pleasure Pier. Lisa Comperry

She mentioned that it was 80 degrees. I suppose that is on the cool side for Houston. Lisa, we will be in the mid 70’s this week! Lisa is from Riverside California, a hop, skip and a jump from where I lived. Follow the links to see more of Lisa’s terrific work. This image is for sale in her Etsy Shop. You will also find her stunning work on Flicker. Got lost there for a bit. Stunning work Lisa! Those Texas sunsets are divine! Love the duckling photos too!

Thanks so much Lisa for sharing your vision with the world, and with me! Your work is filled with JOY!

Kate Lehman, LYA side swap 2017

Kate Lehman, LYA side swap 2017



Kate Lehman sent this wonderful image. Just love the textured, weathered, aged look. Her Flickr stream is filled with gorgeous images. Love the monkey shots Kate! (Yes, the little human monkeys too! So Sweet!) And Oh those flowers!

Thanks Kate for the swap and encouragement! Such a treasure!


Rooftops. Montreal Canada. Louise Mamet, LYA side swap 2017

Rooftops. Montreal Canada. Louise Mamet, LYA side swap 2017

This colorful card is from Louise Mamet and came all the way from Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire, France. I didn’t notice in the Facebook group, how blue the tiles are. And that green just pops. So lovely, notice the pattern on the brick wall. All rooftops should  look like this!

Louise sent a very encouraging message – thank you for that my friend. You can find Louise on Facebook, and at her website.

Louise Mamet

Louise Mamet

Louise also shared this ATC sized, business card photo. So wonderful, it even inspired some terrific sketching by one of the LYA participants. Wouldn’t I love to have that little room in the tower!

Thanks so much Louise for sharing your photos with me again this year! Treasures!


Hope you enjoyed this tour of the Mingus Mail Art Museum!









Angels Take Flight , Tree Spirit Dances



Acrylic Pour. 4 x 4 gallery wrapped canvas. 2017 Sheila Delgado

Acrylic Pour. 4 x 4 gallery wrapped canvas. 2017 Sheila Delgado

I posted last week that these small works were for a project. I wasn’t sure they would work. Well, two of them do. My hope was to create abstract angels. This first one was a complete success. When I first showed this to you, it was “upside down”. After the canvas dried, I looked at it and rotated it around, to see if anything would reveal itself to me.

Here is another look before any additions (#2):

Angels begin. Poured acrylic paint on 4 x 4 gallery wrapped canvas

Angels begin. Poured acrylic paint on 4 x 4 gallery wrapped canvas. Sheila Delgado 2017

You can see that the body was already there. I just needed to “bring out” the wing on the right side. I may have missed the target, but I am really happy with this one. Angel #2 is a different story. Not as sure about this one.

There wasn’t as much there for me to work with. I saw a head, and a very slim, soft skirt shape. Unfortunately it does not show well in the photo. Also, the arm was there. But my logical brain could not wrap itself around painting an angel that was basically cut in half. Even if I WAS going for abstract. So I tried to think, illogically. In my mind’s eye, the angel is facing forward, one wing is coming around in front, wind is blowing her hair. Not sure if the swirls on the bottom look like flowing gown, or part of the second wing. Would love to know what you see. If anything.


Acrylic Pour #2. 4 x 4 gallery wrapped canvas. 2017 Sheila Delgado

Acrylic Pour #2. 4 x 4 gallery wrapped canvas. 2017 Sheila Delgado

I worked to add as little as possible, to what the pour had created. But I did add metallic paint to each of these, to help the figures stand out. And to give a somewhat more, spiritual quality. You can see on the angled views below. These are both going to be for children, and the second one looks like a child figure to me. But I may end up painting over this.






I did begin to paint over the two blue paintings. Totally botched the first one, and ran out of paint. So tomorrow is a trip to Michaels and a try again. I will explain more in the next post.



Monday, 4/17, ends @ 11:59pm PT


LYA Side Swap

Tree Spirit, Teresa Harrington Hazelbaker. LYA 2017

Tree Spirit, Teresa Harrington Hazelbaker. LYA 2017

I confess, I cleaned up this image in Photoshop. The postal mark ran along the full right side, and the date was on the lower left. It is just so wonderful, I wanted to show it at it’s best. Teresa and I have swapped for many years. Once she even sent a gift package filled with several treats that I have hung on to.

Teresa lives in Powder Springs Georgia. She was so excited for the swap, she even had her address labels and stamps printed with this image on them. How fun is that!!

On the back she included lyrics from a James Brown song. Sort of a tough love inspiration. I included a video below, you can listen to a few bars if you are not familiar with it. Believe me, it will rev your engines!

Get Up Offa That Thing
James Brown

Get up offa that thing,
And dance ’till you feel better,
Get up offa that thing,
And shake ’till you feel better,
Get up offa that thing,
And twist ’till you feel better!
Get up offa that thing,
And try to release that pressure!
Get Funky!
Feels good!



Thanks so much Teresa, for sharing your terrific art with me again! I really love this delicate reminder to let my little light shine! And I will admit to “gettin’ funky” for a few minutes with Mr. Brown!









Liberate Your Art Blog Hop 2017



LYA Loot 2017. Kat van Rooyen, David Wolanski, Deanie Houghtaling, Linda Yeatman, Chrisann Risser. Kat Sloma.

LYA Loot 2017. Kat van Rooyen, David Wolanski, Deanie Houghtaling, Linda Yeatman, Chrisann Risser. Kat Sloma.

Always comes so fast. The end of the Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap. First, the anticipation that seems to go on forever. Then before you know it, well here we are. Showing off our goodies and saying “Thank you!”

My first thank you goes out to all of my followers. Thanks so much for indulging my LYA hoopla. This is a fun event for me, where I can reconnect with friends, and hopefully make new ones. A few of you decided to join in this year. And I am so glad you did! And remember, the invitation is open to everyone. Kat Sloma would be thrilled if you joined in next year!

Kat put together another awesome video postcard showcase. Amazing all the work that has been created and shared. Be sure to check it out. My art is at 1:00. She also shares her swap stats, how many countries and participants, etc. Huge thanks to Kat for organizing this event, and to her “elves” who help make it work so seamlessly! Each card that arrives is food for the soul. Blessings that brighten the day!

Thanks again to each artist that has gifted me with their work. Photography, collage, illustration, paint, Zentangle, mixed media. And on top of that, words to fuel the spirit! Thank you!


Side Swap 

I received a spectacular side swap from my friend Natasha Monahan Papousek in the San Diego area. I scanned it to be sure you could see all the wonderful details. Just look at all that layered paint and collage fun! Love the sweet little bee! Love the swirly clouds, the blooms, the music is in the air feeling! Natasha does intricate Henna art and she is a talented photographer. We actually met in person, years ago. Thank you Natasha for sharing this terrific piece with me!

California Springtime, Natasha Monahan Papousek. LYA 2017

California Springtime, Natasha Monahan Papousek. LYA 2017

Beautiful right!? Natasha’s cards are always stunning! On the back of her card was a personal greeting, and this:

Wishing you a wonder-filled Spring!


This makes nine side swaps I have received. There are more on the way, and I will continue to post them. The links below will take to you to my LYA  posts if you missed any. I have posted the cards as they came in, and shared links to the artists websites. Also below is a peek back at the cards I shared in the 2017 LYA swap.

Side swap Snap Lane
Side Swaps Michele Matucheski, Patricia Mark
Washed in Spring, LYA Side swap Trang Kang
LYA #5 and a side swap, Chrisann Risser, Christine Brooks
LYA #4, Linda Yeatman
LYA #3 and a side swap, David Wolanski, Trang Kang
LYA #2, Kat van Rooyen
LYA #1, Deanie Houghtaling
Liberate Your Art  2017, my cards and envelope
First LYA Sides, David Wolanski, Kris McNeil


LYA Postcards 2017, SMDelgado

LYA Postcards 2017, SMDelgado

OOPS! Almost forgot! I started my LYA book for this swap, Just one of those 4 x 6 photo albums you can get at the dollar store. I love being able to pick up the book and take a look at the beautiful cards. Inspiration at my finger tips!

LYA album.

LYA album.

Follow the link below to hop on over and visit more LYA blog artists. Treat yourself to a mini creative retreat! You are welcome to check out my LYA posts from past events, just click on the Gallery link at the top of my blog. Enjoy!






Pouring Paint And Raining Postcards



Acrylic Pour Experiment. 4 x 4 gallery wrapped canvas. 2017 Sheila Delgado

Acrylic Pour Experiment. 4 x 4 gallery wrapped canvas. 2017 Sheila Delgado

Pouring setup.
Cling wrap covered butcher tray. 1 1/4 in. toilet tissue roll. (Canvas stands, so paint can pool underneath.) Mix paint colors with water, a few drops of Iso. Alcohol. Stir well.

Pour color on canvas randomly, tilt to cover canvas front, and create movement.

The lavender were not as successful. I did add more alcohol to the last batch, and I DID get some cells. Left canvas, left side and top right. But I also think I added too much water to some of the colors, and there was not enough separation.

I learned that I can scoop the paint from the tray with the palette knife. And if you tilt the knife towards the side of the canvas (on the top) the paint will drip, and the sides look fully integrated. Just place like colors near each other. (Blue with blue.)

I spent several hours researching pouring techniques. Discovered an amazing artist. Andrea Pramuk. Her method and medium is different, and I do not have the tools she uses. Absolutely love her work!

There are dozens of videos on YouTube of course. Many that I found focus on “Dirty Pours” and creating cells.  A dirty pour is where you mix your colors individually, and then pour them into a single cup, and pour them all on the canvas at once. Cells are sort of “bubbles” of color that stay separate. Very interesting that style, but I had something more… wispy, or airy in mind.

There is a method, or rather several that can be used. One artist went into the mathematical weights of each pigment. He explained how to layer the paints, to get cells easily. There are different mixes, and you can use of course pouring medium. Or Mod Podge. I do not have the medium, but I found a recipe to make your own that I want to try. I meant to try the Mod Podge, but in my excitement, I forgot to open the bottle. Dork.

I am happy with these experiments, even though they are not exactly what I had in mind. I may not use them for the project I am working on, but I think they can be used for something. I have to wait until they dry, and see what, if any changes occur in the process.





This card came to me from Sharon “Snap” Lane. We have been swap buddies for several years. Doesn’t this card just scream Spring!? Woman after my own heart. She has a photo on her site of a gorgeous Hawk that visits her yard. WOW! Lot’s of fun going on over there Snap!

On the back:

A big YEEHAW from Texas!

Bloom where you are planted!


Yeehaw! Don’t you just want to run out, get some BBQ and turn on some fiddle music? Not only did Snap send this snappy postcard. She sent four blank cards, that I can send and share! These are by assorted artists. All things I love. (Isn’t that sort of amazing?) And of course, the fish symbolizes abundance.  A wish for all the best.

Don’t think these cards are going to stay blank for long. And you know that those flowers are begging for some fun color!




Thank you Snap for swapping with me! You have brightened my day, and your generosity will allow me to pay JOY forward! You might just have my card in your mailbox today!

Tomorrow I will join the Liberate Your Art Blog hop.  I will post a link to the hop, so you can visit the artists blogs and see more of the amazing art that has been shared around the world. I will also post Kat’s card for the participants. Stay tuned!


Over A Barrel, digital surface design. © 2017 Sheila Delgado

Over A Barrel, digital surface design. © 2017 Sheila Delgado

Voting continues until the 18th. I would be so thankful if you could find the time to vote for my Spoonflower Design. See yesterday’s post for details if you missed it. Thanks again!












Vote Request And Two LYA Sides



Over A Barrel, digital surface design. © 2017 Sheila Delgado

Over A Barrel, digital surface design. © 2017 Sheila Delgado

I created this as an entry in the Spoonflower limited color palette succulents design challenge. The instructions were to use at least 2 of the five colors given. It was optional to use black or white as well. I used the five colors. Dark Green, Sage, Blush, Terracotta and Rhubarb.

My idea was for a simplified, or slightly abstract design, that focused on the “pattern” of the cactus itself. I usually find the limited palette challenges difficult. But these colors are close to the favorites I so often paint with!

Your vote would be awesome! You can only vote once, but you can help me spread the word, or share this post with friends. Follow the link above, click to select the design, and then scroll to the bottom and click to submit your vote. Thanks so much for taking the time!

I have two more designs completed and am working on a fourth to round out the collection. I will share those with you soon.


LYA Side Swaps

Both of the cards I received look like they are made from fabric. I could be wrong. The first is from Michele Matucheski in Oshkosh. We have swapped before. Michele is a busy creative, lots of interesting things happening on her blog. Not only is she a fabulous photographer, she works with fabrics, and weaving, even surface design!

This bit of inspiration was on the back:

“To practice any art, no matter how well or how badly,
is a way to make your soul grow. So DO it!”
Kurt Vonnegut


Michele Matucheski, Orange Blossom Breeze Star. LYA 2017

Michele Matucheski, Orange Blossom Breeze Star. LYA 2017 side swap

As you would guess, I love the colors in this card. The center star looks  shiny and soft. Silk maybe? Michele also included the temperature, 53 degrees, her city, and the date. A neat little fact sticker, I wish I had thought of! Michele’s card is HUGE! 5 x 7, I didn’t realize you could go that big with a postcard. It sure does make an impression!


Patricia Mark, mixed media. LYA 2017 side swap

Patricia Mark, mixed media. LYA 2017 side swap

The second arrival has got me thoroughly intrigued. It looks like velvet on velvet, but I really have no idea. Wonderful textures. And such lively “fire”. Hoping Pat will tell me. She labeled this mixed media. Either way, I love this brilliant bloom! Patricia Mark is from Portland. Visit her site to see more of her wonderful photos.

Pat’s special message:

 “To be an artist is to believe in life.”
Henry Moore

So fun to be intrigued by artwork! So fun to be surprised by color and texture and pattern! Thank you both so much, Patricia and Michele! Such a joy to swap art with you again!


Thanks so much for taking a look at the Spoonflower limited color palette succulents design challenge. Your support is so appreciated!