Ranunculus On A Rainy Night

Ranunculus on a Rainy Night. Mixed media on Paper. 10 x 10. © 2022 Sheila Delgado.
Ranunculus on a Rainy Night. Mixed media on Paper. 10 x 10. © 2022 Sheila Delgado.

Watercolor, acrylics, gouache, digital marks. I started with layers of pattern using Inktense pencil, acrylics, stencils and a texture sheet. After painting the blooms and vase, It was boring. It needed more but I didn’t know what. It sat for two days.

Ranunculus, Before. Watercolor on Paper. 10 x 10. © 2022 Sheila Delgado.
Ranunculus, before. Watercolor on Paper. 10 x 10. © 2022 Sheila Delgado.

I pulled out my digital pen (laptop), and drew swirls over the blooms. 3 layers, one for each color. (I needed a fourth layer, where the two darker blooms overlap on the right.) I drew complete swirls over each bloom, and had to erase areas where blooms overlapped.

At the end I copied and pasted a bloom to the top right, to fill a hole. But it further emphasized a line I am not happy with it. I had fun though, and I am calling it done.

We’ve had two days of glorious spotty rain. Reports say it will continue all week.
Fingers crossed.

Where the rainbow ends.  SMD 6.24.22
Where the rainbow ends. SMD 6.24.22

Artistic creativity is a whirlpool of imagination
that swirls in the depths of the mind.
Robert Toth

Give thanks for the rain in your life
which waters the flowers of your soul.
Jonathan Lockwood Huie

8 thoughts on “Ranunculus On A Rainy Night

  1. laurelle

    Very interesting process, Sheila. You are open to such experimentation. I like the swirls in the flowers the best. The contrast against the muted background is very effective. My mind says some sort of pattern in the vase, not overwhelming, might be interesting. That’s such a strong block of color that it might take away from the rest without breaking it up a bit. I’m hoping you are getting stronger every day!! Always sending you love and a giant hug.

    1. Sheila Post author

      Thanks so much Laurelle. 🙂 I think you are right. I thought I needed some “quiet” along with the busy patterns. But I kept going darker with the color…
      I will have to revisit this one. 🙂
      Thanks dear friend. Hugs and love right back at ya’!
      God Bless 🙂

  2. Teresa

    I really love the variety of textures you have created. The vase is just too plain in my opinion. Maybe you could flyspeck it with light colored splatters of paint? Just a suggestion. 🙂

    1. Sheila Post author

      Thank you Teresa. There was some splatter on it, I erased it digitally. LOL. And I did have pattern there in the beginning. But I thought it might be too much going on, in the end. I do agree, it needs something. 🙂

  3. Val van der Poel

    After looking at your painting for a few minutes, my mind switched gears and all I could see was a hat on top of a very skinny head – lol. I think your vase needs some definition; maybe some shading? I hope you get the rain you need. Have a great Sunday!

    1. Sheila Post author

      Haha, I love that Val. A fascinator, as the English call them. You are right. The vase was much lighter, and had soft pattern. After I added the digital marks, I thought it was too much, I just deepened the tone. But it is flat, it does need work. Enjoy your garden!

  4. Dorothy H Seiter

    Ranunculus and rain—two happy words! And you’ve done them proud, Sheila. Always love having you grab my hand and take me on your creative journey. Thank you! Fun to see what magic your digital pen wrought in your hand—the contrast works!

    1. Sheila Post author

      Yes, Yes! Happy, Dotty. 🙂 Haha. 🙂 Always grateful for the rain. Happy creating my friend!


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