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Fab 70’s Floral & Cool Circular Cobalt Collage

70's Fab Floral Pillow, Spoonflower. © 2022 Sheila Delgado.
70’s Fab Floral Pillow, Spoonflower. © 2022 Sheila Delgado.

This week’s Spoonflower design challenge is 1970’s Throw Pillows. I had so much fun with this. I used some flower shapes from a previous design, and created a few new shapes as well. I love the little white blooms. I could have added 3 or 4 more, LOL. But then the wood grain flowers would have been covered completely.

Layers Close Up. SMDelgado
Layers Close Up. SMDelgado

There are 85 flowers in the design, and about 300 layers. The pink flowers have 7 layers, the large yellow with the red center is only 2 layers. For fun I added a corduroy patterned bloom. I researched colors and patterns from the era. And yeah, that green is the hue I fell in love with during last September’s 30-Day Creative Gathering. LOL. I sampled it from one of my paintings. Very Avocado. 🤣 Voting is open.

Gingham Check (last week’s challenge) placed 1064 of 1308 entries with 15 votes. The winning design had 333 votes. Thanks so much for taking the time to vote!

70's Fab Floral Surface Design. © 2022 Sheila Delgado.
70’s Fab Floral Surface Design. © 2022 Sheila Delgado.

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World Watercolor Month

So hard to believe WWM is entering the final week. I have so many ideas, and not enough days are left. 🤣 For the 16th, I didn’t post a finished piece. Just parts and pieces. My creative time that day was spent making papers for use in collages. (Click any image for closer view.)

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Catherine Rains 5 Day Collage Kickstart

I had so much fun with these! Every step. Making papers is so addictive. Patterned paper, painted papers, textured tissue. FUN! Tearing paper is fun. 🤣 Arranging, gluing, embellishing.

I thought I was finished, but now, I think I can add more to these. You may see them again. There are a couple more on the way. Cat recommends working with a limited palette, and honestly. I am ready to do a series in several different colorways. Collage might just be my September challenge theme. Haha. 😉 

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