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Paper Roses


Oodles of Doodles. Watercolor on paper. sheiladelgado.com

Oodles of Doodles. Watercolor on paper.


Giving away my age here. I apologize in advance for the song headache this post might cause. Here is the link to the cure, a video of Marie Osmond singing Paper Roses. The minute I saw this pile of doodles, the song came to mind. Didn’t leave until I watched the video.

These are not roses though. I suppose they could be. My take on a Ranunculus.

I have been working on a fabric design. Many designs in fact. The project is for upholstering a chair. I have gone through at least a dozen possibilities. But none of them felt right. I think it has been so difficult, because I am designing this for me. And I have come to realize, it is all about the feeling.

The other night, just as I was falling asleep. I remembered something that helped to explain my color choice. I am set on a navy base, with white accents.

One of my first jobs, was cleaning for a physician and family friend. Perfect for after school and weekends. I cleaned her office, and home. At home, there was a navy corduroy chair next to the fire-place. It had soft looking cushions, perhaps down filled, and a matching ottoman.  Seemed warm and cozy. At the same time, I hated cleaning it. They had a big white dog.

Birth of a Pattern

Step one: draw. With a brush.

Taking inspiration from fabrics I love, I worked to distill the elements that mattered most. Simplicity. Clean lines. A repeat that does not call attention to itself.

Step two: choose elements and prep for placement.

For this design, I want line work. not details.  So I delete the white of the paper, and clean up the rough edges. I am working on a grey background (Photoshop) to highlight the areas of paper (white) I have missed.


Pattern WIP. sheiladelgado.com

Pattern WIP.

The green, white and dark blue on the bottom have a color overlay. As you can see, the original color unevenness isn’t a factor. I thought to use only one element, one bloom. Alternating the size and direction would create variation. As it turns out, I have about fifteen that are good options. I will narrow it down to no more than five, and as few as three.

Continuing with the clean up, and then on to placement.

Have a great one!



Day 5 ~ Birthday Bouquet

Day 5, Birthday Bouquet. 5 x 7 mixed media on aquabord. © 2016 Sheila Delgado. sheiladelgado.com

Day 5, Birthday Bouquet. 5 x 7 mixed media on aquabord. © 2016 Sheila Delgado.

Named this Birthday Bouquet because today is my birthday. Keep it simple silly.

Can you tell these are ranunculus? I like ranunculus better than roses. The petals seem unending. I know I will offend some, but to me roses are overdone. People always think to give roses. But they never think to give ranunculus. Or at least, I have never received a bouquet of ranunculus.

Isn’t Google great: Ranunculus generally start to appear at the Market in November/December and are at their best from January, with their main season usually coming to an end in May/June.

Learn something new every day.


Happy Day to one and all!

My Pinterest board for this challenge keeps growing.
Makes me happy just to see so much pretty art!

Visit Leslie’s site, where all the daily art is posted.







Ranunculus is a Spoonflower Featured Favorite

Ranunculus pillows now available at Zazzle.com.

Ranunculus pillows now available at Zazzle.com.

Spring is here!

Spoonflower has chosen my ranunculus pattern as one of their favorites. Available on fabrics, decals, gift wrap and wall paper.

Thank You Spoonflower!

 My sunny summer floral is also available on pillows and more at

Sheila’s Corner on Zazzle.com.

Have a happy, sunny day!

Happy Easter Weekend!


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