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Ranunculus Chocolate is a Spoonflower Daily Favorite!

Available at Spoonflower in Fabrics, Gift Wrap and Wallpaper.

Sprout Sewing Patterns 

Order them ready to sew, or Sprout will sew them for you! 


Home Decor available at Roostery.


Thank You Spoonflower!







Ranunculus is a Spoonflower Featured Favorite

Ranunculus pillows now available at Zazzle.com.

Ranunculus pillows now available at Zazzle.com.

Spring is here!

Spoonflower has chosen my ranunculus pattern as one of their favorites. Available on fabrics, decals, gift wrap and wall paper.

Thank You Spoonflower!

 My sunny summer floral is also available on pillows and more at

Sheila’s Corner on Zazzle.com.

Have a happy, sunny day!

Happy Easter Weekend!


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