February 2021 30-Day Creative Gathering Collage

February 2021 30-Day Gathering Collage .© 2021 Sheila Delgado.

February was a moody month for me. Haha. At least, by the looks of my collage. I didn’t think about doing groups of three. The first was just luck of the draw. I had three sheets of paper ready to go (prepped in January). On the 10th – 18th, I found 3 each, cradled board, and canvas boards in two different sizes. Quite nice, as it removed that part of the decision-making from the equation. As Gump would say, “One less thing.” Haha.

As usual, I had lots of ideas at the beginning of the month, that I never got around to. One thing leads to another, and pretty soon I am headed down a different road. And I still have the large 36 x 36-inch blank canvas hanging on my wall. Though, I did have fun trying some ideas out with that. It is next on my list. Again.

In this creative round, there are 15 pieces I could easily chuck in the round file. But, there are 12 that I am very happy with. Not a bad percentage. There are six that I have started reworking, and I will share those with you soon. You can see some of my favorites below.

February Favorites 2021 30-Day Gathering Collage .© 2021 Sheila Delgado.

Thanks so much for following along! Your encouragement and suggestions are so meaningful to me. You helped me to keep going on the days when nothing seemed to work.

Thank you, my friends!

In a few days, I will share art and collages from the many artists who make up the Creative Gathering. They are all so extremely gifted. I am so honored to work alongside them. You will love a virtual stroll through the Gathering’s Gallery!

See you soon!

Art and friendship are absolutely connected…
Friendship is, after all, sharing a deep part of your self
with another person, and receiving the same back.
Nina Allen Freeman

I draw flowers every day on my iPhone,
and send them to my friends,
so they get fresh flowers every morning.
David Hockney

8 thoughts on “February 2021 30-Day Creative Gathering Collage

    1. Sheila Post author

      Thank you so much, Martha. 🙂
      It is always fun to see everyone’s compilations.
      Keep creating! 🙂

  1. paintamasterpiece

    Reading that last comment, I would love to be one of David Hockney’s friends! And on to you my friend … it’s an honor to know you and hopefully be considered a friend. Your art and your shining personality have kept me going through the many rough times, not just of this weird year, but throughout the many years I have known you.
    I see your groups of three distinctly, each with a very different mood. Looking back on our daily paintings it’s very interesting how they catalog our lives. I keep an image file of my art by year and often go back to run through my image diaries. I expect yours would be filled with happy, quirky little characters. One of your greatest gifts is the way your work makes me smile. I think my favorite piece from this 30 days is day 16; bold and controlled, but energetically trying to grow out of its frame. I wonder what your diary would say on that day. Thinking of you and your coming op, by all accounts it’s a snap these days and it’s always much worse thinking of it before hand than recovering after. Positive thoughts coming your way.

    1. Sheila Post author

      When I saw that quote, I knew I had to share it. And I thought of you Sea.
      Teaching me about his Digital art.
      Yes, Sea! you are a friend. You have shared so much over the years, gifted me with your wonderful art.
      Educated me, introduced me to artists I had never heard of.
      I often think my art is too, simplistic. Unevolved.
      Elementary. LOL. 🙂 But if I can bring a smile to your face. What more is there to ask for? 🙂
      Haha, Yes, thank you, Sea. I know the surgery will be a snap. And I pray. 😉
      I keep files of my work by year also. I may have learned that from you!
      And it is interesting to look back over them.
      About that Snake plant, I may have been thinking.
      “Wow, I can’t believe how well it is growing!” Haha. My green thumb only lasts about 6 months.
      But this plant almost always has 4 to 5 new leaves coming in. Haha 🙂
      Thanks so much for the positive wishes, Sea!Sending prayers your way! 🙂

  2. Dotty Seiter

    Sheila, the power of your journey through the February 2021 30-Day Creative Gathering—that sharing of a deep part of yourself with me and others for 30 days—is such that in my last dream before waking this morning you and I were attending an art retreat together! Awesome!

    1. Sheila Post author

      How JOYful Dotty! What fun that would be, to spend the day creating, with you!
      You are such a blessing in my journey. What a JOY to discover NO! David, and the artist of the book.
      Thank you Dotty for following along, and for taking the time to share your thoughts and encouragemnet!
      See you soon, I need to catch up on your journey. 🙂 Can’t wait!

  3. Val van der Poel

    Super montage of your work for the month Sheila. I don’t remember 19 at all so I will have to get on with going thru the albums. Thanks once again for your dedication to doing these gatherings.

    1. Sheila Post author

      Thank you, Val, for consistently participating. And for sharing in the conversations.
      You are always so generous with your praise, and with sharing your expertise.
      That always happens to me as well Val, I see pieces I do not remember. It is always fun to go back and look again. 🙂


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