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Day 23 Of The 30-Day Creative Gathering

Day 23. 2019 C.G., 8 x 8, watercolor on Arches 140 lb. cold-pressed paper. © 2019 Sheila Delgado.
Day 23. 2019 C.G., 8 x 8, watercolor on Arches 140 lb. cold-pressed paper. © 2019 Sheila Delgado.

I’ll be trying this one again. My first thought was to do the background in the dark blue I used on Day 20. I am tempted to go back in and do that. The reference I used was a huge plant, so my second thought was to just do layers of pads, and play with the colors in each one.

I was reminded by Val van der Poel, that Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils are permanent. That sort of slipped out of my brain. For the first layer of this, I used a stencil and Inktense. I applied the color with a small make-up wedge sponge. (Thanks Natasha!)

First step.

Well, you know watercolor. WET, watercolor. Made a mess even though I dried the sponge. But I like the result. I grabbed a #2 pencil and used the eraser to add more color.

Next time I will try to remember to plan better. To plan period. Haha. Painting this is always fun. Might see one or two more this week.

Scenes from my neck of the woods. There was a fire a couple of days ago. The second in as many weeks. The smoke came in over Mingus late in the afternoon. No one was in danger, and it was a distance from us. I always jump into research mode when I spot smoke.

Fire in the valley. SMD 2019
Fire in the valley. SMD 2019
Glorious rain this afternoon. SMD 2019
Glorious rain this afternoon. SMD 2019

We had a lovely, gloomy afternoon. I watched as the white clouds rolled over Mingus. They moved in very quickly. Soon after we had thunder and a downpour. Yes!

Day 2 – 2019 Creative Gathering

Day 2, 2019 C.G., 8 x 8, acrylic & pen on Arches 140 lb. cold-pressed paper. © 2019 Sheila Delgado.
Day 2, 2019 C.G., 8 x 8, acrylic & pen on Arches 140 lb. cold-pressed paper. © 2019 Sheila Delgado.

Several months ago I bought a snake plant. I have been a doting plant mother, eager to watch new leaves grow. They seem to grow quickly at first, then they sort of rest for a bit. And before I realize it, they are the same height as older leaves.

In day 1, I used a honeycomb stencil. I thought it was perhaps too soft. On today’s piece, I think it is too dark. Tomorrow I should get it just right. Ha ha ha. There is white pen outlining some of the circular shapes on the top left and right. It shows up more in life. I also used it to define the line of the table.

I am so inspired by the work of Janet Bradish. She has taken part in previous 30-day challenges, and each day I could not wait to see her piece. She often uses patterns in her paintings. Her blog shows her work for the challenges. Great textures!

The Creative Challenge group is 73 members strong!
Thanks to everyone for making it a success. Your enthusiasm is awesome!

Wonky Little Watercolor Cactus

Desert Bloom 2. 4 x 6 in. watercolor & gesso on  paper. © 2019 Sheila Delgado.
Desert Bloom 2. 4 x 6 in. watercolor & gesso on paper. © 2019 Sheila Delgado.

Last of the bunch. I have a couple others, but I think they are paint-overs. This card was sent out in the Pals-Poist exchange. It traveled a whole hour and a half up the road to Flagstaff, to my good friend Christine Brooks. Christine and I still have not met. Mostly due to busy schedules. But one day soon, right Christine? 🙂

In return, I received this lovely card. Even in winter, beauty is all around. Christine sent it in a protective sleeve, the marks rub right off. I love how the leaves look like a frilly, royal collar (a ruff). And the snow cap looks like a Beret. Ok, I know I am mixing my styles there. And centuries. 😉

I love it Christine! I hope you had a hot cup of cocoa waiting after your walk in the cold. Burr!

Pals Poist Postcard by Christine Brooks.

I re-discovered a long lost favorite artist. Birgit O’Connor. Her watercolors are jaw-dropping! I love her flowers. And her stones look like a photograph. Her paintings are huge! Treat yourself to some of her videos on YouTube.


Some times good things come in the mail. Unexpected, good things.

Unexpected. Multiple good things.

Nelvia McGrath and I were having a conversation about watercolor paper. If you follow her blog, you know she has been experimenting with watercolors in a class she is taking. If you don’t follow her, you can take a peek. A link to her blog is to the right, in the blogs I follow. Well, we decided to share some paper with each other. And I sent off some Bee paper, some Arches. And some of the cheap postcards I thought were such a great deal. I wanted her to see the difference between good and bad paper. Salvaged the cards though, used gesso to cover the paper. The wonky cactus is an example.

Papers to play with. Yupo, Artagain, Duralar, watercolor paper.

Well, a couple of weeks passed, and I had just about forgotten. I knew Nelvia was busy. (You know how forgetful I am. Ughh.) And what do ya’ know! A BIG box came, with my name on it. Not only were there papers in it, but sharpies, colored pencils, pencils, erasers, a paint marker, a mechanical pencil, a brush pen, and some command strips. WOW! Mixed media here I come!

It’s my party and I’ll draw if I want to!
Draw if I want to, draw if I want to!

I am so blessed to have made so many terrific friends online!

You know who you are. 😉 I see you every day, and I feel grateful. Thank you, Christine, for sharing your art and photography with me!

Thank you Nelvia for the fabulous art loot!