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January Painting Challenge In Review



Jan 2016 30 In 30 Challenge, sheiladelgado.com. Sheila Delgado


The challenge is officially over. I am ready for a break, but I am committed to continuing the daily habit. Be it sketch, or paint, or digital design. Wish me luck!

Out of my 30 pieces for this month, there are only five that I am not thrilled with. Not bad odds. There are a few others I did not like at first, but they have grown on me. Some of that has to do with insights of others. My followers, friends and family. Thank you to my fellow artists for your support and encouragement. I am grateful to you!

I made a collage of my favorites for the month. Which paintings did you like best?


January 2016 favorites. sheila delgado

My January favorites.

I will choose from the nine paintings above to create postcards for the upcoming Liberate Your Art exchange. I can never decide on just one design, so there will be at least five.

I love the daily conversations with my artist friends.  Miss that the most when the challenge ends. Seeing your art each day is so inspiring and uplifting! Thank you all! For sharing your process, your successes, and your lessons learned when things did not go as hoped. I wish you the very best in the year ahead!


Cheers to Leslie Saeta for another successful 30 In 30!
Thank you for bringing us all together!

Cheers to the 1403 participating artists worldwide!


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My Pinterest board is over 2029 fabulous works of art!
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