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A Flock Of Sunflowers. Acrylic and pen on a vinyl 45 record. 7 in. © 2022 Sheila Delgado.
A Flock Of Sunflowers. Acrylic and pen on a vinyl 45 record. 7 in. © 2022 Sheila Delgado.

I made it in for 2022, Whew!

This will be my third year participating in the Art on 45 Art Show and Auction. It is a juried event. My first idea was to do an Arizona inspired pour. Shades of Sedona and sky. I found a few intriguing pouring videos that had me wanting to try. It’s been years since I have done pours. And I only did a few. So I thought it might be risky to try a technique that is so hard to predict. I ordered the supplies, so I have them at the ready now. Haha.

I lost count of how many layers are on this. I am guessing a dozen. And the back has almost as many. For some reason the muted aqua was drying two-toned. Maybe I didn’t mix the paint well enough. I did a few color studies, and sketched different compositions. As you can see I came back to my standard, slightly to the right, and Indigo blue. Haha. I was very tempted to center the vase. To highlight the Knock-out center of the record.

The 2021/22 ART ON 45™ auction is scheduled for March 17-19, 2022. The raised funds from this auction will benefit the Louisiana Center for the Blind (LCB), Located in Ruston, Louisiana. According to their motto “Changing What It Means to Be Blind”, the LCB offers a wide range of innovative programs and services to blind people of all ages to guide and assist them on their journeys towards leading independent and self-sufficient as well as fun and exciting lives.

I will share more as the event nears. You can also follow the event Facebook page, for introductions to the artists and their work.

What we do see depends mainly on what we look for…
In the same field the farmer will notice the crop,
the geologists the fossils,
botanists the flowers,
artists the coloring,
sportsmen the cover for the game.
Though we may all look at the same things,
it does not all follow that we should see them.

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

8 thoughts on “Art On 45

  1. Christiane Drieling

    I’m so happy that your sunflowers are part of the collection. The bundle of positivity is needed so much! Congratulations again!♥️
    Thank you for sharing about the project. I’m excited to see how the auction will go, second time as a virtual auction. Hopefully it will be possible to have some in-person gathering along with it. We’ll see!

    1. Sheila Post author

      Sending prayers and fingers crossed Christiane!
      Thank you, I am so excited to be part of it again. And honored. 🙂
      I think the event will be even bigger than last year.
      Now that everyone has had a taste of the virtual show.
      Best wishes my friend! You two have a lot of work ahead, but I know
      you will rock it! 🙂

  2. Val van der Poel

    This is super Sheila – I like the colour choices and the bouquet is great. I look forward to seeing your pour work at some time in the future too – challenging!

    1. Sheila Post author

      Thank you Val 🙂 Wow 🙂
      I really want to experiment with pours. I have a few more 45’s and a stack of four by fours I can play on.
      See you soon Val, can’t wait! 🙂

  3. Dorothy H Seiter

    Sheila, this flock is spectacular! Really stunning—the composition, the definition, the contrast, the soft shadow. Hope you painted on a ROCK ‘n’ roll record ‘cuz you ROCKED this painting!


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