And It’s On!


View of Mingus, 8-27-18. SMD

View of Mingus, 8-27-18. SMD

I just love that swoosh of color. New shape of a shadow. Come and gone in a few moments time. Want to paint that.

I know I wasn’t the only one worried. Leslie Saeta posted today, time to sign up for the September 30 Paintings in 30 days challenge. In TWO DAYS!!?? I lost a week somewhere. Thought I still had a week to prep and paint a little. Are you ready for the challenge?

I have two themes in mind. But I may just go with the flow. I have decided to go small for the most part. My September calendar is full, only one week is clear of distractions.


New And Improved

I am so excited! I will be putting my new palette to use! Just finished setting it up. After researching palettes, paint colors, paint makers, and of course, how to set up a palette.

I decided on a Mijello 18-well palette. Hard decision, so many options available. I thought surely this would be big enough. HA! I like the abundant space for mixing. It takes up a lot of room on my desk. But I won’t need the multiple small porcelain palettes I used in addition to my Cotman sketchers box.




I followed the examples of others, and washed the palette first. I made sure not to scratch it. I left space in each well to work, not filling them completely. And I made the cheat sheet.

It is not a perfect, or balanced, color wheel palette. There are some new colors that I might end up not liking, or using much. Time will tell. And already, I know of at least five colors I would like to add. A good grey being one of them.

I am clearly heavy on the light side. Not enough mid to dark values. I do have a basic red, blue and yellow, so the mixing options are wide open. Looking forward to the learning ahead.

Large storage box.

I found a great box at Michaels for storing my paint tubes. Meant for storing photos, you can find them in the scrapbook section. I bought two each of the large and small. They snap closed securely. Much better than the Ziploc I used at one time.


Pete is home!

Finished Proton Therapy on the 15th. There will be follow ups of course. They said it would be nine months before he feels 100%. He IS starting to sleep longer at night. That is a major relief for all of us! He is doing physical therapy and weight training to regain strength. And playing word games to strengthen different areas of the brain. Very happy to be home, and in his own bed!

So grateful for your well wishes and prayers!
Prayer is POWERFUL!
So blessed with your kindness and good thoughts!
Thank you!


The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.
Numbers 6:24-26

We give thanks to God always for all of you,
constantly mentioning you in our prayers.
1 Thessalonians 1:2







10 thoughts on “And It’s On!

  1. Janet Bradish

    Love the photo of your new palette! All those gorgeous colours just waiting to be put to work. You will have to post another picture once you have put it to work! Looking forward to seeing what you will be painting in the September challenge. As always love the Mingus!

    1. Sheila Post author

      Thank you Janet, I will do that. I have already added a grey, and messed it up a bit. Gotta love a messy palette right! So glad to see you in the 30!!!

  2. Val van der Poel

    Nice job setting up the palette; I have never seen a cheat sheet setup like that – good idea. Good luck with the 30/30 challenge, I look forward to following along with you although I won’t be participating this time. Have a great weekend Sheila.

    1. Sheila Post author

      Happy weekend to you Val! Thank you for following along, you will be missed :/ The sheet was not my idea, saw a few of them on YouTube. But I agree, it is a good idea. especially when so many of the colors are so dark on the palette. Happy creating Val 🙂

  3. carol edan

    Thanks for the notice! Just learned from artist Jen Walls about the challenge. My theme probably figures, cause I am in the beginning of the course. What a great photo close up of Mingus! Looking forward to seeing your new creations… go with the flow. What a great set of colors!

    1. Sheila Post author

      Such a space cadet, I should have mentioned it before. Got all excited thinking Jen was going to 30, but she is cheering everyone on 🙂
      So excited to see your work Carol! Yeah, flow it is…. 😉

  4. dotty seiter

    Sheila, I’m fascinated and intrigued by your ‘new and improved.’ Most eager to see what unfolds over the course of September in your creative hands. Your cheat sheet alone is eye candy 🙂

    So glad Pete is home and sleeping better.

    1. Sheila Post author

      Hahaha, love that Dotty. Yup, that sheet makes me crave come color playtime. Taste the rainbow! Hahaha
      So glad you will be checking in my friend 🙂

  5. laurelle cidoncha

    That is so wonderful about Pete! He will heal oh so much faster in the sanctuary of his own surroundings. Gosh, whoever heard of proton therapy when I was a kid…medicine is growing by leaps and bounds and offering so many new therapies.
    As to Saeta, all I can say is I had gotten to the point in my mindset that it would be postponed to October so now I feel a bit jumpy and restless as if there’s a lot to do. The town where I live has very limited art supplies so I ordered last night several small canvases after Saeta’s email. I am going to do mostly portraits and when I get too crazy I’ll do some still lifes or a small landscape. I do have a few for a headstart. But it will exhausting, exhilarating and fun!
    Mingus is so very lovely all green and velvety.

    1. Sheila Post author

      Thank you Laurelle. You are so right, and he is soooo glad!!!! Proton. I think proton torpedos as in star Trek. LOL 🙂 Very sci-fi future world!
      You had me convinced too, that maybe she would postpone. I can only imagine how busy she is. I am heading to Michaels tomorrow. HUGE sale. Arches is on the list, I have been waiting! I feel discombobulated too, but maybe that will pass quickly for us once the work starts. 🙂 Well, you are ahead of me! I did prep some small canvases. Hoping tomorrow I can paint!
      All the hills are green, even the burn areas! Fresh, NEW green.

      Happy painting to you Laurelle 🙂


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