Swims like a duck




I am working on a short video of these two. Thought I had it working, but nope. These photos are from Saturday. And they are back, the 6th day they have come to entertain us. Today Daisy is jumping off of the Jacuzzi ledge. Trying to catch a shot of that.

Hey, check this out! Corinna Woodard found a little sunflower inspiration and you’ll never guess where. And if you like that, you will love a look at her February felted hearts. So gorgeous right!? I was fortunate to be the winner of one of Corinna’s January giveaways. I just love this 3D piece, Tailspin is even more pretty in person. Thank you Corinna!

I started a painting today, a bird of course. Hope to share it with you tomorrow.  Enjoy!





6 thoughts on “Swims like a duck

  1. Corinna

    Looking forward to seeing duck paintings! And your video.
    We have tvs walking around. They look a tad spooky when they line up on someone’s roof!

    1. Sheila Post author

      LOL. A crow came today and the ducks walk right up to him. He is huge, I am surprised they were not spooked. But then, it is two against one, so they might feel they have the upper hand. LOL

    1. Sheila Post author

      There are Val, so many talented artists! And Corinna is the master of several mediums. Just as you are! I have been thinking about it, I have never painted ducks before, so it would be a challenge 🙂


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