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2018 LYA Side Swap Treasure Trove



Green Tree Sketch. 4 x 6 watercolor on paper. © 2018 Sheila Delgado

Green Tree Sketch. 4 x 6 watercolor on paper. © 2018 Sheila Delgado


Green Tree.

I made a quick stop on the way home from Phoenix yesterday. Parked to enjoy a Mickey D’s ice cream cone. It was 96 degrees. Ice cream was prescribed. I also had good news from the Doctor. Well, not news really. He is ordering three more tests. I left his office confident that we will soon have answers. And hopefully, and end to this chronic cough.  So it was a bit of a celebration as well.

My view was of this brilliant, lime green tree trunk. There was also the beautiful cactus, four different birds and a tiny chipmunk I think. he was busy scarfing down on the bush in front of the tree. I took photos of him too, but all I got was a fuzzy grey blob.

I love these trees in Phoenix. They do not grow up here. They have lovely, graceful shapes, and the gorgeous color. There are also some with deep, almost black trunks. I am guessing those are older trees, but I have yet to confirm that.


Suzette Rothlisberger, Grantsville Utah


Suzette did an oversized card this year, 5 x 7. Perfect for framing. It is gorgeous! “Singing to the moon”. Lots going on here, layers of awesomeness. You might not be able to see, but there are hand written messages in there too.


Lynne Foerster, Orefield, Pennsylvania


This is a view from Lynne’s favorite walking trail. Isn’t it lovely? What a peaceful, joyful walk that would be. I can hear the birds chirping, and feel the breeze on my arms. The message on the front:

And suddenly you know:
It’s time to start something new
and trust the magic of beginning.
Meister Eckahart



Kelly Warren, Tallahassee Florida


This sweet face belongs to “Denver”. Kelly donates her time, taking photos of shelter dogs, to help them find a good home. Awww! She also make fabulous jewelry and does mixed media art as well.


Val van der Poel, Wynndel, BC, Canada


This wonderful scene is a perfect example of Val’s amazing trees. Val is great at a lot of things. She teaches, so naturally.  “Winter Sunset”, is a watercolor. Just look at that cheerful sky. On the back:

Art needn’t be “meaningful,
but it should make the artist
and the viewer feel something!!



Christine Brooks, Flagstaff Arizona


Isn’t this big bug beautiful?  I think it would be fun to paint. (Hint, hint.) Those sparkly wings! Christine still had some extras, so I got lucky and received a second one. Thanks Christine! WOO WHOO!

Thanks so much – Christine, Kelly, Lynne, Suzette, and Val!! So blessed to have your art in my LYA collection 🙂

If you haven’t already, I hope you will visit the links, and take a look at more of the work these talented women create!






Mingus Mail Art Museum



PJ Lawrence, acrylic and oil pastel. LYA side swap 2017.

PJ Lawrence, acrylic and oil pastel. LYA side swap 2017.

Seven postcards arrived today. Nine pieces of art in total.WOW, lucky day ‘ey? This first card is from PJ Lawrence in Tennessee. She tells me it is in an altered photography book. Oh my, that sounds like fun! The back of her card has some really cool graphics and a wish,


Just love your card PJ! Gorgeous colors, shapes and textures! Thanks so much!! A reminder for me to mix my media and experiment more in my own abstracts!

Sherry Harmes, LYA side swap 2017

Sherry Harmes, LYA side swap 2017

Sherry and I began talking about LYA months before it started. She didn’t say, but this piece almost looks like it is painted on wood. So much wonderful texture! I always look forward to Sherry’s cards, She often takes the most basic elements, and turns them into wonderful works of art. Never fails to surprise!

Conceive, Believe, Achieve!

Sherry’s message, she includes the date sent, current Larsen Bay Alaska temperature, Winds calm, and Seas at 4 feet. There is a sparkly family of Polar bear stickers. I can’t help but smile, thinking of them animated and perhaps enjoying an icy cold Coke! She also sends her trademark “Hugs!”

Love  your card Sherry! The rustic, nautical, majestic feel. Thanks so much for always swapping with me!

Christine Brooks, San Francisco Mountains, Flagstaff. Watercolor. LYA side swap 2017

Christine Brooks, San Francisco Mountains, Flagstaff. Watercolor. LYA side swap 2017

Christine Brooks shared her wonderful watercolor this year. Aren’t these mountains gorgeous?! On the back was a personal message, and a simple wish:


So love the simplified, loose look of this piece. Inspiring Christine! You are right – this is a fun swap! I am so glad to have met you, and I am sure we will meet in person one day soon!

Funny connection side note, my mothers maiden name is Francisco, and her name is Kristina.

Thanks Christine for sharing your lovely, wonderful art with me!

In the Thicket of Things, Suzette Rothlisberger. Side swap 2017

In the Thicket of Things, Suzette Rothlisberger. Side swap 2017

This soft photo is so lovely! Makes me think of fine Victorian women in all their splendor. Delicate, precious, regal. This thought came to mind. Even as beauty fades, strength endures. On the back Suzette included this sweetness:

Surely a star danced in Heaven on the day you were born

Suzette included a link for flicker, but sadly I can not read enough of it to share. Suzette, if you read this, please share it in a comment so we can see more of your gorgeous work! Suzette was so creative with her post card displays this year. Very entertaining!

Thank you Suzette for sharing your work with me! And thank you for making the arrivals so much fun to see!

Houston Skyline, Lisa Comperry. LYA side swap 2017

Houston Skyline, Lisa Comperry. LYA side swap 2017

Look at those clouds! Look closer and you can see that lightning is striking. This is a low res image, Lisa’s photo is so much better. I know Lisa is a true photographer. She tells me she took this from the parking garage at the Museum of Fine Arts.

Even Lisa’s stamp is stunning!

Historic Galveston Pleasure Pier. Lisa Comperry

Historic Galveston Pleasure Pier. Lisa Comperry

She mentioned that it was 80 degrees. I suppose that is on the cool side for Houston. Lisa, we will be in the mid 70’s this week! Lisa is from Riverside California, a hop, skip and a jump from where I lived. Follow the links to see more of Lisa’s terrific work. This image is for sale in her Etsy Shop. You will also find her stunning work on Flicker. Got lost there for a bit. Stunning work Lisa! Those Texas sunsets are divine! Love the duckling photos too!

Thanks so much Lisa for sharing your vision with the world, and with me! Your work is filled with JOY!

Kate Lehman, LYA side swap 2017

Kate Lehman, LYA side swap 2017



Kate Lehman sent this wonderful image. Just love the textured, weathered, aged look. Her Flickr stream is filled with gorgeous images. Love the monkey shots Kate! (Yes, the little human monkeys too! So Sweet!) And Oh those flowers!

Thanks Kate for the swap and encouragement! Such a treasure!


Rooftops. Montreal Canada. Louise Mamet, LYA side swap 2017

Rooftops. Montreal Canada. Louise Mamet, LYA side swap 2017

This colorful card is from Louise Mamet and came all the way from Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire, France. I didn’t notice in the Facebook group, how blue the tiles are. And that green just pops. So lovely, notice the pattern on the brick wall. All rooftops should  look like this!

Louise sent a very encouraging message – thank you for that my friend. You can find Louise on Facebook, and at her website.

Louise Mamet

Louise Mamet

Louise also shared this ATC sized, business card photo. So wonderful, it even inspired some terrific sketching by one of the LYA participants. Wouldn’t I love to have that little room in the tower!

Thanks so much Louise for sharing your photos with me again this year! Treasures!


Hope you enjoyed this tour of the Mingus Mail Art Museum!