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Just Keep Swimming

Mingus July 2019. SMD
Mingus July 2019. SMD

OK. Long overdue this update. I wanted to have a full week of good days behind me. Start off with the good news. But that hasn’t happened yet. On top of that my attention span is all of about five minutes. I jump from task to task.

All is well. I am well. My one month follow up, lifted my spirits big time. I thought I was failing at everything. Not getting my 64 oz. of water daily, having a had time getting the quarter-sized vitamins down. Sometimes losing my meals and having to start all over on clear liquids. Broth and Jello.

But I am right on schedule. It takes time to build up to 64 oz. a day. And now I have the vitamin schedule down. One of them can’t be taken close to meals, because it competes with protein for absorption. I get at least 48 oz. of water and that is great.

I can’t drink right before a meal, or right after. Or with. So hard for me. I am used to drinking water consistently throughout the day. And the feeling that tells me I am full, is the same feeling that I had previously when I needed to wash my food down. Nice. LOL. I usually stop eating before that point. But sometimes the feeling comes later. I have to be very conscious of my drinking habits. I have to sip small sips. Very hard on a hot day. Or a thirsty one.

From A Distance. August 1, 2019. SMD
From A Distance. August 1, 2019. SMD

It was such a relief to know I am doing better than I thought. I was sure I was botching it all up. Worst patient ever. NOT! Whew!

In my online searching, I found a site with great recipes for bariatric patients. The author also posted about what not to say to someone who has had bariatric surgery. This paragraph was a message from above. It found me at exactly the right time.

Imagine you woke up tomorrow with the stomach of a newborn baby, but the mind of your adult self. So you can’t eat much. New foods make you sick. But sometimes they don’t. But sometimes they do. And you don’t know when they will or won’t. And your body needs so many calories to survive but you’re incapable of eating that many calories, so you’re tired. But you also need to exercise to lose weight, even though you are tired. While you’re doing all this, you have to address the emotional attachments you had with food and the toxic relationships you had with people that made you turn to food in the first place. And while you’re doing all that, someone, somewhere is telling you that you took the “easy” way out.

Whew! It is not just me doing it wrong. This is how it is. That is it exactly. Sometimes I can eat cottage cheese. YUM! And the next day, I can’t. One day I had fish, and another day, Oh Lord. Then to have the doctor tell me I am doing great. Look great. Healing fabulously. What a relief!

After my last post. Just out of the hospital. First week, was smooth. Clear liquids. Doing great, even ran some errands. Ha ha ha.

Not so fast Charlie Brown.

Second week. Starting soft foods. Following my rulebook. Had soft scrambled eggs for lunch. Oh, I missed eggs. Before bed, I took my evening meds. Seemed fine. But a tiny, teeny little pill brought me to my knees. Horrendous pain. Everyone had gone to bed. We were still at my brother’s house in Phoenix. The whole house heard me scream out in pain. I was dripping sweat, nauseous, and just mumbling. Telling them to call an ambulance. Call the hotline. Call somebody. LOL.

If any of you have had the pain of a gallstone. This felt the same. Intense. Excruciating.

My brother got a hold of the night nurse. She heard me yelping. Gently told us that it would pass. It would either come up, or go down. She said if I went to the hospital all they could do was hydrate me and give me something for the pain. EXACTLY! Hello.

After he disconnected, as we all debated driving 30 minutes to the hospital. It came out. Thank you Jesus! Instant blessed relief. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Storm Light. August 2019. SMD
Storm Light. August 2019. SMD

I was sore for several days. Back on clear liquids. Afraid of ingesting food at all. Heavy on the prayers. And that is my routine. If I lose a meal. Back to clear. And Pray.

I have been much better since then. But it is up and down. I am much weaker now, after so long on limited intake. I am getting as much as I can. Very sure I get as much protein as possible. Enough vegetables. Some fruit.

Storm setting. August 2019. SMD
Stormy Blue. August 2019. SMD

All I can do is try to laugh sometimes. I asked for this. (shaking head)
I gave the surgeon two thumbs up and a huge smile when she asked if I was sure I wanted to do this. I signed the paperwork. HA ha ha.

I am mostly eating soups. Or pureed soups. Mostly chicken, but some turkey (meatballs with BBQ sauce, divine), Some seafood. Fish once. I am in the soft foods phase for one more month.

I am fine with a limited menu. I don’t mind that really. What’s hard is not knowing. I eat less than half a cup. Tiny amount. Three meals. And I often have a couple of bites of protein later in the evening. Cottage cheese, or more soup.

September 11th I have my meeting with the nutritionist to learn about going to the next phase. I am slightly worried about whether or not I will be ready to do so. But there is time. Staying positive, and moving forward. All I can do.

My scars are minimal. Still healing but WOW, they are not a concern at all. I won’t see the lung specialist until the end of October. I had some tests and an office visit a week ago. He was happy with my progress as well. Giving me time to heal, and then we will repeat the pulmonary function tests and see how I do. And then begin to make plans for going forward.

Let’s see, anything else. OH! My cough is very much improved and will continue to improve for about six months. Oh, yes. My site will be up and down for 3 to 4 days. If all goes well. It is being moved to a new server. And my good friend and talented tech Randy, just broke his wrist. That is not going to help. So for those of you that see this post before it goes down.

I’ll be back.