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Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Dreamer Too!



Dreamer. Janice Darby. LYA Side Swap 2017

Dreamer. Janice Darby. LYA Side Swap 2017

Don’t know why, but the Dr. Pepper song popped into my head, and the words morphed into the post title. In trying to get it out of my head, I watched the original commercial. I did not need to realize that it is nearly forty years old!

Janice Darby’s Dreamer opens the 2017 LYA video (by Kat Sloma). Each time I saw this image on the Facebook group page, I crossed my fingers that one would come my way. Love the layers in this! Janice and I have swapped before, I always look forward to her card. She lives in Santa Maria, California. Very inspiring city I think!

On the back:

Never let it be said that to DREAM is a waste of one’s time,
for DREAMS are our realities in waiting.
In dreams we plant the seeds of our future.  

Love that thought Janice! So glad you agreed to a side swap. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome art with me!


Coneflower. Chandra Lynn. LYA Side Swap 2017

Coneflower. Chandra Lynn. LYA Side Swap 2017

Chandra sent this digitally enhanced photo from Alabama. She shared her enhancement experiments in a recent blog post. Looks like fun to me! I need to find some fun photo apps. I really love the colors in this. Makes me think of watercolors flowing together. Beautiful! She included this:

We do not escape into philosophy, psychology, and art
–we go there to restore our shattered selves into whole ones.
Anais Nin

Chandra’s blog posts are often filled with inspirational words. She teaches composition and literature, reading and writing are her passions. Thank you Chandra for sharing your passions with us!


Pink Flamingo, colored pencil. Diane McWhirter. Australia.

Pink Flamingo, colored pencil. Diane McWhirter. Australia.

Diane’s work is always stunning. Take a look at her pet portraits. She also works in ink, and I just love her vivid, lively colors. Lot’s of happy in her work! Her floral pillows are gorgeous. So honored that you would swap with me Diane – had no idea your postcard postage is $2.95 (Australia)! If it helps, I think your work is priceless.

So blessed to count these talented women among my LYA friends! I find their work delightful and inspiring! Hope you enjoyed these cards as well.






Postcards Now Available at Zazzle

Postcard Art Available Now at Sheila's Corner on Zazzle.

Postcard Art Available Now at Sheila’s Corner on Zazzle.com
(click the photo to see the shop)

I know I have been quiet for a while, but now you can see why. I have been busy adding to my shop on Zazzle.com. I am so excited to share these with you!

I never would have thought of postcards as an outlet for my art. I owe that inspiration to Kat Sloma and her Liberate Your Art event. There is still time to join this year, for anyone interested. It is free, and FUN!

If you want to join, I will even share my postcard layout for the back with you to make your own. Just comment with your email, and I will send you the PDF. I will delete your email before publishing the comment. Sorry, I know, slacker. I should have the PDF available as a link. Maybe I can get to that tomorrow.

Ok, off to make chicken tortilla soup, and roast some potato’s for dinner tonight and tomorrow.

Have a super day everyone. Thanks for reading this, and please feel free to share it.

Happy creating to you!