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Global Art Swap Finale


Hills from Prescott Valley. 2017 SMD

Hills from Prescott Valley. 2017 SMD

These nooks and crannies are calling. Paint me, paint me. I made a start, but not sure yet if it will be hills or abstract.

Horribly blurry, but I like the painterly effect. To my eyes, at least. I am sure some of my photographer friends will cringe.

I was beginning to give up hope on my last heART swap postcard arriving, but it did. All the way from Deniliquin Australia! This is cloth and ribbons. Sonya’s message is on two tags that are attached.

Global heART Swap Postcard #3. Sonya Robinson.

Global heART Swap Postcard #3. Sonya Robinson.

I just love the bright cheerful fabrics! The shiny black ribbon. And the gift tag greetings.

Thank you Sonya for sharing your lovely work with me! Such a lovely surprise.
I had a little visit to your area via online images. Lovely historic buildings!
I’d say we both live where the views are dramatic.






Liberate Your Art Continues

I’m a bit behind in posting, Friday and Saturday the mailbox was bursting with art. Kat Sloma’s LYA is joyous!

Sunset by Vicki, Count your blessings by MJF

Sunset by Vicki, Count your blessings by MJF

The sunset Vicki captured at Waikiki is stunning isn’t it! She included this quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, ” Nothing is worth more than this day.” Amen! Vicki also shared her blog link. Vicki finds old books, and alters them into works of art.  She also takes paper scraps, and turns them into really fun flowers. Take a peek!

I love the colorful reminder from MJF. 1, 2, 3, 4… The card reads:

Mom always said, ” Count your Blessings!” OK then…

I have counted my blessings a lot this past week! This card was an official swap postcard. (#3 of 6) Awesome!

Sunset by Chelsea Rawson

Sunset by Chelsea Rawson

You can never have enough photographs of a gorgeous sunset. This one is Terrific, look at those trees! Not sure if you can tell, but all along the bottom are silhouettes of folks watching the sun disappear.

Chelsea is an Architect and a Photographer! She has an interest in Tiny Homes, something I am obsessed with. (One of my favorite Pinterest searches.) Chelsea has MANY interests and her blog is full of, well, take a look for yourself!

Hoya, by Lui Bacaltos, Fireman by Maggie, Moon/Earth #7, Jo Murray

Hoya, by Lui Bacaltos, Fireman by Maggie Gem, Moon/Earth #7, Jo Murray

Maggie’s card made me smile. Exactly what she intended. Maggie I couldn’t find you on Flickr to follow, but I did find your blog.  Really fun photos Maggie!

Lui’s black and white photo gives me such a peaceful feeling. You can see all the postcards Lui created for LYA on her blog.  Lui and I have swapped once or twice before, she is my arty friend in the Philippines!

The colorful mixed media piece on top is from Jo Murray in Australia. This is #4 of the official swap. Her blog is full of bold, beautiful colors! Jo works in collage, mixed media, abstracts. Mediums I would like to pursue.

Thanks to each and every one of these artists! I so enjoyed reading your thoughts and inspirations! Joyful!