February 2022 30-Day Creative Gathering

Day 11, Poppy, 8 x 8 watercolor on Fabriano paper. © 2022 Sheila Delgado.
Day 11, Poppy, 8 x 8 watercolor on Fabriano paper. © 2022 Sheila Delgado.

Layers and layers and layers. Fabriano hot pressed paper. Collage, paper bag, sewing pattern paper, patterned paper. You almost don’t see any of that. But you do see the resulting texture.

Texture also comes from the layers of gel medium. After the collage, I painted a layer of parchment white acrylic. As you know, acrylic and watercolor don’t usually mix well. So as I added a layer of watercolor, after it dried I also added a layer of medium. I am guessing close to 20 layers here. Too much? Haha.


I forgot to add the light. I was wondering why it felt so dark. DUH. I didn’t splatter! HA! I added digital splatter. Then I played with the color. Yellow sunlight? Turquoise sky? Light neon green? Ahh, pink it is. Why does that just feel right? I pushed myself to go sparingly with the splatter. I have to admit, I see a few “black holes”. Empty areas.


Delicate flower is truth,
but also the most precious treasure in life –
because liberation it brings, freedom it brings.

4 thoughts on “February 2022 30-Day Creative Gathering

  1. Sea Dean

    this is quite a departure for you. I feel that needs more light somehow. Perhaps you should get out the iridescent paint like I do. Ha ha!


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