Come Look At The Clouds!

Red Clouds. August 2019 SMD ©
Red Clouds. August 2019 SMD ©

Oh ! It’s such a beautiful blue sky!
Where the clouds make their hive
And a joyful experience
To sit and spy.

© DEEPANJALI M KAJAGAR (excerpt, The Beautiful Sky)

Moody. August 2019 SMD ©
Moody. August 2019 SMD ©

No rain. But how can I complain about a view like this?

Moody 2. August 2019 SMD ©
Moody 2. August 2019 SMD ©

12 thoughts on “Come Look At The Clouds!

    1. Sheila Post author

      Ha ha ha 🙂 I hope the cloudy skies last awhile Katie. Even better if we would get some rain. LOL 🙂
      Yes but your clouds are different. I don’t get to see clouds like those, usually, unless it is on your site 😉
      And besides, I am sans furballs right now ;o(


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