First Simple Sketch


Mingus Memory. Neocolor ll on Arches 140 lb. cold pressed paper. 2018 Sheila Delgado

Mingus Memory. 2 x 6 Neocolor ll on Arches 140 lb. cold pressed paper. 2018 Sheila Delgado

A quick morning sketch to try new colors. The Neocolor Bordeaux red is more raspberry than I would have thought. The crayon looks much deeper. Still, it’s a new favorite. I love the new Yellow. Orangish Yellow. That is the official name. Also Juane Paille and Hellorange. I like that one. Hello orange! Ha ha.

And can I BE this turquoise today? I just want to take that crayon and scribble all over everything. Think I should have bought two of those 😉



Well Leslie is off in Europe with her family. (Have you seen the photos?) So 30 in 30 is next month. Kinda of glad actually. Works for me. I have some catching up to do.

Our Christmas was delayed. My brother and his wife caught the bug. On top of that they were moving this weekend, into their new home. YAY! Better all around to wait one more week. Everything for a reason. It will be my birthday celebration as well. Two birds with one stone ‘ey.

Hope your first day of the New Year is off to a smashing start!







8 thoughts on “First Simple Sketch

    1. Sheila Post author

      Thank you Chandra 🙂 Really? How exciting 😉 Take all the time you need, I know you are a busy working Mama 🙂 So appreciate you taking the time to catch up on my posts 😉

  1. Val van der Poel

    Cute little pics Sheila. I am glad too that the 30/30 will be in February this year as January seems – already- to bu too busy. Enjoy your belated holiday celebrations and your birthday!

  2. dotty seiter

    Sheila, so happy to have 2018 start with a post from you, especially a post in which you are happily playing with new colors. I’m grateful for your energy and vibrancy and upbeat way of being : )

    Scribble to your heart’s content!!!


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