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Pear Recipe – Work In Progress

I told Lucy I would have this posted a few days ago. “Designers block” has kicked in, and decided I would ask for your opinions. This recipe is for theydrawandcook.com. I have had these recipes saved for a while. And I have had so much fun painting pears, I wanted to illustrate a recipe that included them. I am working on building my portfolio of food art.

I spent a lot of time creating the serving tray and appetizers. (Mostly due to the fact that I am still learning Photoshop.) I wanted to have watercolor, and some digital artwork in the piece. But looking at it, I think I need to paint the tray as well. The fonts will likely change, and placement of the text.

I am cringing as I write, because I think this is really awful, but I am going to share it as is anyway. The pear slices with cheese, would not be placed on a tray with crackers, So I have decided I will show those on a small plate. With a fork perhaps, at the ready for someone to dig in.

Recipe for TDAC, Pear appetizers

Work in progress

Should I replace the digital art with a watercolor serving tray and food samples? Or does this tray look appetizing?

Do you like the color on the title?

Do you like the title, or is it dorky?

Do you think the tray color should be a deeper gold? I tried green and red, but did not like them as well as the gold.

If you have any other comments, I would love to hear them 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to help me with this. I hope you are all having a super weekend, and that your creativity is joyful today!