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Soul Art 2016


Soul Art 2016, watercolor, oil pastel on Yupo.

Soul Art 2016, watercolor, oil pastel on Yupo.

This year, my soul art came in pieces. My day was sliced in half. I did the guided journey work in the morning, and returned to paint in the evening. I had a slightly stressful afternoon, and sitting down to paint was such a treat.

I turned on Laura‘s closing hang out, and listened as I worked. These are 6 x 6 inches squares, and the small one is an ATC, 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

The first two are pieces I had abandoned months ago. While reaching for a clean sheet of paper, I saw their colorful corners sticking out. Were they calling to me?

I pulled them out of my paper stash, and looked at them for a long time. The top one only had the base colors on it, and some yellow crayon marks. The second, had just the blue.

Soul art, five topic images.

Soul art, five topic images.

My five topics, the things that came to mind first:
Color, ocean, faces, flowers, pattern.
I did not have magazines handy, so I pulled images from Pinterest. The images that called to me are here.

The five descriptions are cheerful, thoughtful, bold, flowing, sensual.

I did not consciously think of these while painting, but you can see that some of them are present in the work.

The two bottom pieces were really all about play. The ATC started as an abstract.

None of these are finished works. I think I may take a cue  from Dotty Seiter, and they may show up as part of a collage!


You can read more about my Soul Art experience in Laura Hollick’s Soul Art Gallery. I am still catching up on the Facebook posts and reading about the other artists in the gallery. Several of you mentioned signing up. If you were able to take part, please comment with a link so I can visit!





Shout Out For Soul Art


Soul Art 2015. 9 x 12 watercolor on paper. © Sheila Delgado 2015

Soul Art 2015. 9 x 12 watercolor on paper. © Sheila Delgado 2015


This will be the fourth year I have participated in the Soul Art Celebration. You can click on the image above to read about last years event. I’m inviting you to join us! (I know I am late, but I just received the notice.)

Soul Art day is tomorrow, May 11th,
and you are welcome to join in!

It is a free, on-line event where people gather from around the world to create art together for the day. If you haven’t signed up yet, claim your spot now!

If you are unable to watch the gatherings, and take part throughout the day, you can watch on your own time, as your schedule allows. Those of you who have participated in the 30 in 30 painting challenges, know that there is a powerful energy when creatives come together in a community experience.

From Laura Hollick:

When your Inner Artist calls, it is an unmistakable knowing that your sacred creativity must be honored and must be expressed. International Soul Art Day is an annual global event to honor this call and collectively carve out the space for our Inner Artist to breathe.

Here are some of the luscious, glorious creative spirits gathering for this global event along with me: Flora Bowley, Amanda Sage, Ashley Burnett, Autumn Skye Morrison, Cat Caracelo, Chris Zydel, Melissa D’Antoni, Mia Saenz, Jane Ashley, Jess Johnson, Shiloh Sophia, Cora Flora, Sofiah Thom, Susan Farrell, Jo Westwood, Shereen Sun, Tara Shorey, Tara Preston, Naia Leigh, Tamara Laporte,  Ka Amorastreya, Whitney Freya and there is a special space just for YOU!