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Tackling Texture And Magenta Mail Art



Texture Boards, 2016 sheiladelgado.com


Working through Pauline Agnew’s Artbyte One. First lesson, texture. Pauline prompts us with multiple tools, and encourages experimentation. My boards are larger than she suggested, they were scraps I had on my desk.

1) I used torn paper to build up layers. I painted over some of the layers, and continued adding more with matte medium.
2) Beginning to build layers of color.
3) Pauline suggests using joint filler, which looks really fun. Not having any, I used some gloopy (old) gesso and built layers of that. There was a thick blob that made me think of a sun, even though this was meant as an exercise and not concerned with composition.
4) Building layers of color. Adding and then removing, adding more again.
5) Using an old ATM card to spread paint. The translucent blue settled in the hollows, revealing the texture of the paper, very nice!
6) Layers of wash acrylics.
7) Layers of thick impasto.
8) Continuation of impasto.

I can see all of these boards becoming finished works. Ideas are forming. Now it is on to Lesson two!


Mail Art

Received these two beauties today. The first is from Lisa Comperry in Texas. The card reads “LOVE”. This lovely poem was included on the back:

One day is spun in gold
another day seems red hot or icy cold.
Passing storms clear the air
and change the tide.
Each day a new sun.

Lisa Powell Comperry

LYA #2 and side swap #4. Lisa Comperry, "LOVE". Mary Underwood.

LYA #2 and side swap #4. Lisa Comperry, “LOVE”. Mary Underwood.

Mary Underwood from Michigan included this encouraging reminder on the back of her beautiful card.

Be Happy
Be Bright
Be You

Visit the links, their photography is awesome! I am so glad these artists included their address on the card! There is a wonderful video on Lisa’s blog about rescued baby animals as well as her wonderful sunsets. Mary has wonderful sunflowers on her page, and her abstract daisy is gorgeous.

Thank you both so much for sharing your gorgeous art with me! Love flowers!