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Postcard Art Arrives and I Won A Free Class!


LYA 2016 Postcard #1, Mixed Media, Tina Walker.

LYA 2016 Postcard #1, Mixed Media, Tina Walker.

I hope you can see the stitching on this card I received from Tina Walker. Brown, outlining the leaf, and green cross stitch around the edges of the card. There is wonderful texture, but I am not sure what techniques were used. Hoping to find out more on the LYA Facebook group page. I have a fondness for leaves, and I love the “made by hand” stitching! Beautiful!

Tina included this quote by Amit Ray:

In every change,
in every falling leaf,
there is some pain,
some beauty.
And that’s the way
new leaves grow.

This message coming to me at the perfect time. The move to Arizona is still ahead. Thank you Tina for sharing these inspiring words! I love this card!

LYA 2016 side swap #3, Strawberries in coloured pencil, Diane McWhirter.

LYA 2016 side swap #3, Strawberries in coloured pencil, Diane McWhirter.

I had to look at this closely, to try and figure out if it was a photograph, or a drawing. The details on these strawberries are unbelievable. Right down to the veins on the leaves, the shine on the skin, and even the tiny drop of water. This card came to me from Australia.

If you love these strawberries as much as I do, they are now available on RedBubble! Hop on over and look at Diane’s wonderful cats, and flowers, and birds! Thanks Diane for sharing your wonderful art with me! (And I love the stamp celebrating Queen Elizabeth II!)


Pauline Agnew – Artbytes One

In honor of St. Patrick’s day week, and in celebration of the fact that she is a proud Irish woman, Pauline Agnew gifted 10 lucky participants with a free download of her Artbytes One – A Tapestry of Texture. Lucky me to be one of them!

Pauline is an awesome teacher! Her Ecourse ‘Pathways to Abstraction’ starts Monday. If you want to check out her teaching style, you can access a free lesson.  Pauline often offers free open studio weekends, with inspiring lessons. I first participated in 2013, and I still consider the result of that, one of my best works. You can read about it here.

I will share my work from the Artbytes lesson with you. Can’t wait to get started!