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Something Silly This Way Comes



Something Silly Made. Mixed media. 2017 Sheila Delgado

Something Silly Made. Mixed media. 2017 Sheila Delgado

In her recent newsletter, Carla Sonheim invited us to follow her lead and make something. Sitting next to me on the desk were the watercolors I painted for the Seaing is Believing surface design. I reached for my scissors, and a few minutes later I had a wonky bouquet.

I glued the pieces on the back of a failed painting. Added some stems, a bit of patchy sky. I scanned it into the computer, and added outlines digitally. I was hoping the shadows from each piece would be visible. Proof of the “made”.


I don’t have a Wacom, and trying to draw with the mouse is a chore. The lines came out crooked and I had to start over a few times. But they suit the silly and imperfect arrangement. Check out Carla’s 30-day blog project for some mid-week inspiration.



Question mark. Kathy McIntire’s colorful card arrived, and made me panic for a minute, wondering if I had sent one in return. Whew! I did. Checked my list.

Kathy McIntire LYA side swap.

Kathy McIntire LYA side swap.

Kathy shared a mini gallery of her work. I’m not sure, but I think the flower is a felted piece. Isn’t this card fun? On the back Kathy shared a bit of her story. Wife, mother, grandmother, friend, volunteer, beach lover and artist. She loves sharing art with others, whether it is mail art, swapping, teaching or selling. She works in glass, clay, textiles and mixed media assemblage. So lucky that Kathy shared her art with me!

Kathy is part of The International Union of Mail Artist’s. Take a look at her Facebook page for some really fabulous postcards. Kathy is also doing some wonderful work for adults with disabilities. So awesome Kathy! And that leads to a connection with Kathy. I worked with United Cerebral Palsy in San Diego. Just a little something. I miss that job, and the people!

Thanks so much Kathy for sharing your thoughts and fabulous art with me! I wish you the best of luck with your inspirational “‘lil bizness”! Such a gift for your community!