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Pastel Disaster


Daring whispered in my ear today.

“Hey, wouldn’t it be fun to do a pastel to celebrate Earth Day!”

“YEH!”, I thought.

Never mind that I do not know much about pastel painting. It felt only right to work with my hands, to get them dirty. Pastels get you dirty. This is only my third ever, pastel painting.

I spent almost three hours this afternoon working on what you are about to see. Ok, maybe more like two hours, because I was checking on the split pea soup, and changing loads of laundry too.

This is small, five inches square. It is a good thing I really had fun working on this. Otherwise I would be really, REALLY, REALLY upset.

I apologize for the horrible photos. This is a quick look at the process. I was happy with the result. That is, until I decided to seal it, so I would be able to scan it for this post.

Brilliant, bloody brilliant Sheila.

It didn’t help, that right when I started to spray sealant, the wind kicked up and spread a fine dusting of little yellow specks from the trees nearby.

pastel progress. Hydrangea, 5 x 5, watercolor and pastel on 140 lb. watercolor paper.

pastel progress. Hydrangea, 5 x 5, watercolor and pastel on 140 lb. watercolor paper.

I started with a watercolor wash. Then a few layers of pastel to get the basic shapes. I changed my mind, and decided the leaves looked better on the side, instead of the bottom. Little by little, I added details. I used Prismacolor NUPASTELS. 





Here it is, finished and semi-show-able.





And here it is, not ready for prime time.

I know. Awful.

So there you have it. My Earth Day experiment.

Oh, and here is the photo that started it all.

Hydrangea, blooming in the garden.

Hydrangea, blooming in the garden.


Hope you had a fabulous Earth Day!






Postcards Now Available at Zazzle

Postcard Art Available Now at Sheila's Corner on Zazzle.

Postcard Art Available Now at Sheila’s Corner on Zazzle.com
(click the photo to see the shop)

I know I have been quiet for a while, but now you can see why. I have been busy adding to my shop on Zazzle.com. I am so excited to share these with you!

I never would have thought of postcards as an outlet for my art. I owe that inspiration to Kat Sloma and her Liberate Your Art event. There is still time to join this year, for anyone interested. It is free, and FUN!

If you want to join, I will even share my postcard layout for the back with you to make your own. Just comment with your email, and I will send you the PDF. I will delete your email before publishing the comment. Sorry, I know, slacker. I should have the PDF available as a link. Maybe I can get to that tomorrow.

Ok, off to make chicken tortilla soup, and roast some potato’s for dinner tonight and tomorrow.

Have a super day everyone. Thanks for reading this, and please feel free to share it.

Happy creating to you!


30 Days of Art – A look Back



Jan 30 in 30 5 x 5


I am so glad I participated again this year in Leslie Saeta’s 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge. It is quite a learning experience. I think the hardest part for me, is writing each day about what I have created.

I know I very often tell you I am not happy with the daily painting. (Lord please tell me I did not complain every day!) Seeing the paintings here, I am really very happy with them all. I know I struggled with wanting to spend more time on each piece. I wanted to create more along the lines of “Fine Art” and less, well less like the level that I am actually at.

I can see a huge improvement in my work, and that is AWESOME! I did not explore Pastels, or work in acrylics or collage as I had hoped. But I did work on Arches paper, as well as start to get familiar with YUPO. In that respect I did stretch out of my comfort zone.

I love the act of painting daily. I love discovering artists, and seeing their work every day. The absolute best part of the challenge for me, is making new friends. There are so many super talented artists taking part in the challenge. The beauty and diversity of what you create… it is a gift! You really are amazing!


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A heartfelt thank you to everyone who visits my blog.
And thank you for taking the time to comment.
Your kind words are icing on the cake!


I will be catching up on visiting artists sites in the next few days. So bummed I am behind – what treasures I am missing!!!

Oh hey, good news here. I received my complimentary copy of Patty Digh’s new book, with my artwork inside. I will share it with you tomorrow!

Thanks again everyone, happy creating to you!

God Bless!