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While baking cookies, I turned just in time to glimpse a huge dark something fall into the backyard.  When I walked over to the window, I saw this slowly strolling on the grass. I reached for my phone, too late. It had perched on the fence.

It hung out there for a few minutes. Carefully strolled from one side to the other. I hurried to get the camera for a decent shot, but I was too late. Again.

So these are as good as they get. From my brief research, I am speculating that this is a heron.

Dark, dusty-looking feathers. Dusty or steely blue. Solitary. Likes to roost in trees. Dark stripe above the eye. Flies with neck curved like an “s”.

Heron, so. cal. bird sighting

Is it a Heron, and Egret or a Crane?


Hope your holiday preparations and plans are pleasantly proceeding!