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Earth Angel



Earth Angel. 9 x 12 in. in. watercolor on poster board. 2016 Sheila Delgado

Earth Angel. 9 x 12 in. in. watercolor on poster board. 2016 Sheila Delgado

Took part in Pauline Agnew’s Christmas Open Studio. These free two-day events a meant to awaken and rejuvenate. Video instruction, student art showcase, and the Facebook group offer inspiration and feedback. Pauline often offers prize drawings to participants. This year she is going all out and offering 12 free spots in her e-courses!! Follow the link to find out more, and be sure to subscribe to receive information about future Open Studios.

Pauline worked in inks. She started by laying down the large shapes with tinted water, and then continued, working quickly with very wet media. I worked in watercolor. This is larger than I usually work. I was standing, and held my brush differently. I used a reference photo and tried to see shapes, and not a praying angel. A quick sketch, a liberating exercise and the opportunity to learn from Pauline Agnew! Great way to spend the day!

The first Open Studio I participated in produced one of my best pieces. Pauline has a way of doing that! Each event is a wealth of information!

Sapphire Seafront.
Texture tutoring.
Open Studio landscape.


Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12




30 In 30, Day 26

In Memoriam, Watercolor Peace Lily. © 2013 Sheila Delgado

Peace Lily. 4 x 6 watercolor on 140 lb. cold press paper. © Sheila Delgado 2013


This is one of the postcards I will be submitting to the RAG, Memory: International Mail Art Exhibition and Swap. Hopefully they will be in the mail by the end of the day.

The theme is memory, and in the interest of time, I have chosen to do flowers given in memoriam. I want bold, graphic pieces so they will stand out when they are up on the wall. (And when I look at the online photos I will be able to find them easily.) Silly, but there you go.

I love this plant. The Calla Lily is my favorite flower, and this of course is it’s kissing cousin. I can draw a simplified Calla in one stroke, but I have yet to attempt to paint one. White flowers are difficult I think, but I would very much like to master them.

I had the veins on this much softer, and while they looked great on paper, they did not scan well at all, so I had to darken them. This was a fun one to do. I am also going to do a version with softer washes, maybe I will show you with tomorrow’s piece of art. Speaking of art – there is a ton of it at Leslie’s site. I have two days of viewing to catch up on, and my tail is wagging in excitement! Like the dog cravin’ bacon – Art, ART, ART!

Angel. Watercolor on 4 x 6, 140 lb. cold press paper. © Sheila Delgado 2013

Angel. Watercolor on 4 x 6, 140 lb. cold press paper. © Sheila Delgado 2013

This sort of fits the theme of memorial. Just a fun little accident. I was planning to add to this and make something of it. But I noticed right away, the fun little lady and her great big heart. I gave this to my Father and his wife Teresita, along with two of my pears.




Enjoy your day everyone! Fall arrived in Riverside county today! WOOOO WHOOO! Of course this might be the only day of it for a while, we will be in the 90’s this weekend. But it is a crisp, dark morning, and it is a welcome bit of heaven!