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Header Help, Bookmarks, A Postcard And A doodle


L.Y.A. Side swap #18 Siobhan Wolf.

L.Y.A. Side swap #18 Siobhan Wolf.

This lovely postcard arrived, from Siobhan Wolf. She tells me this is how a typical Ohio Spring looks. Brrrr! We have swapped in years past, and I find the connection as joyful as she does. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photography with me Siobhan! Those tulips are so pretty – I love it!

Header Help

Kat van Rooyen, Zentangle - Diva Dance:Rock and Roll.

Kat van Rooyen, Zentangle – Diva Dance:Rock and Roll.

This weekend I worked on some graphics for my good friend Kat van Rooyen. She a had digital disaster, and had to start her blog over again on a new platform. Kat does Zentangle art, so we used a pattern she loves. To the right is the art she sent me. I had to add more flowers to the bottom to create the shape I wanted.

I selected fonts that reflected Kat’s personality, and her art. Zentangle is based on structured patterns. The line work is often very graphic and bold.

Zentangle Triangle Pattern.

I did two versions of the header. One with a border, and one without. Kat can interchange these when she changes page colors on her blog. For holidays or special events. Below is the completed Header. Visit Kat’s site for a better look. I also created a triangle pattern for the background, which is barely visible, but I think it adds some interest.

Header for Kat van Rooyen's site.

Header for Kat van Rooyen’s site.


A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was submitting a bookmark to UPPERCASE magazine. I didn’t make the cut, but my submission is included with the almost 300 entries. They are available to download for personal use. Please respect the copyright of the artists. I thank you, as does Janine Vangool.  How fun is that! If you have never seen uppercase magazine, you need to check it out! Visit the blog and Flip through the new issue. Gorgeous! And if you print some bookmarks, why not stop by and tell Janine, “Thanks”.

A Doodle

Watercolor doodle ATC. 2016 Sheila Delgado

Watercolor doodle ATC. 2016 Sheila Delgado

Again I was inspired by one of the postcards I received. I showed you a card from Lynn Radford yesterday, the one with the colored pencils on it.  Made me want to grab the pencils next to me and put color to paper. This is just a teeny ATC, only took a few minutes. Just a bit of fun!








Happy August everyone!

No way can it be August! Happy Birthday to all you Augie’s.

Here is one interesting tidbit for this day in history. At 12:01 a.m. on August 1, 1981, American cable television network Music Television (MTV) went on the air for the first time. WOW! I can’t say I remember when I first starting watching MTV, but I would bet it was in that first week.

I remember I LOVED all the videos. And I would race home after school to turn it on. I was in Jr. high, and I had the T.V. to myself for an hour, before my brother got home from school. Then it would be a big battle over who watched what.

As with most things, the original MTV was the best. The veejays rocked, and the videos rocked, the music was so cool. No doubt of what era I grew up in, is there . Well, I did not mean to take a trip down memory lane. I was looking for something to celebrate, and this was about all I could find. Want to know where the VJ’s are now?

Oh, and it is homemade pie day. I could sure go for some pie right about now. Anybody remember this?

Shoot, now I really want some pie. And I agree, fruit pie rules. Not cream. Must be a gal thing.

To celebrate making it past the half way point of the year, here are some free printable book marks for you. Feel free to print as many copies as you like, and share them with friends. But please do not sell them. You will want to print them on card stock.


Click here to print and share.

Believe in yourself bookmarks

Add a ribbon or tassel and give as a gift.