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Sale ends Monday 10-2-17 @ 11:59 PT


Right. Time to announce the giveaway recipients. I had a friend choose 10 Numbers between 1 and 30. And from the comments on those days, I took each name, wrote them on  a slip of paper, and put them in a bowl.

From the bowl I choose ten names. I mixed the names up each time I took one out. Several names were drawn multiple times. Thanks you guys for being regular visitors!

In the sense of fairness, I replaced multiples with new names. Better to spread the bookmark wealth around. LOL.

Drum roll please!



Can you believe that someone recorded
this drum roll 
to fill 10 HOURS of video??

And the Bookmarks go to:



If you can read your name…. just kidding,

Laurelle, Val, Judith, Christine B., Christiane,
Carol E., Sea, Dotty, Martine, and Laurie!




The bookmarks will be cut from these four paintings. Leave a comment with your first and second choice, and your mailing address. I will delete the address before posting the comment.  I already have some of your addresses from the postcard mailing. If it hasn’t changed, you are good to go!

Thanks again everyone for taking the time to follow along with my daily September posts. Your encouragement, and inspiration is very important to me!






14 thoughts on “Bookmark Giveaway

  1. Martine Paquet

    Oh! Woaw! Winning a beautiful piece of your art! So excited!
    Have a great and creative month of October, Sheila!
    Tomorrow I am going to St-Jean-Port-Joli for a few days near the St-Lawrence river. Hope to sketch and paint…

    1. Sheila Post author

      LOL, thanks so much Martine! 🙂 I will get them out soon. I looked that up on maps… looks peaceful. Hope you get some creative time in! Joyful, creative October to you as well – look forward to seeing you in my inbox 🙂

  2. Val van der Poel

    Hi Sheila. I am not sure if I am the Val listed as a winner but if so, I guess I will have to mat and frame the book mark as I use an e-reader – lol. I imagine you sill have my address. Days 20 and 27 are my choices. Thank you so much -such a neat thing to do!

  3. Sea

    OMG! I’m ridiculously excited. Can I request a “Mirage” pretty please. I can’t believe I’m getting a Sheila Delgado original abstract.

  4. dotty seiter

    Awesome! A new bookmark! Thank you, Sheila. I’ll be happy to receive the surprise of whatever you send, without stating any preference. You’ve got my address : )

  5. Laurelle Simms

    I am on train from Sevilla to Barcelona and see your post. I am so excited to have my name chosen to receive your lovely keepsake bringing my two favorite things to do together: reading and art. My first choice would be #20 and second # 27 but I am happy with any. Thank you so much! You have started my day on a lucky streak! xoxo


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