What Was I Doing?



Abstract, Terry Owenby. LYA 2017 Side Swap.

Abstract, Terry Owenby. LYA 2017 Side Swap.

Received this wonderful side swap. Terry tells me this is an unfinished painting that she cropped digitally. She took a Jesse Reno class last year (Portland, OR), but was unable to finish during the class. She took the paintings home and they were forgotten.

In the swap we are always looking for the interesting cosmic connections, between the sender and the receiver. There is always something that binds us. Silly, but still.

I forgot to post Terry’s card. I even emailed to let her know I received it, and that I would be posting. DUH!  It would still be forgotten, if Terry had not replied to my email. I’m trying to retrace my steps, useless I know. I put her card in the scanner, was interrupted, and that was that. The whole time I was writing yesterday’s post, I knew there was something I was forgetting.

I love this card. Love the colors, the wonky shapes and scratches. And the “stitch” stems. The deep blue-black is welcoming to me. And the bright berry reds are pure fun. I also really love the fact that Terry rescued an unfinished and forgotten piece.

Thanks so much Terry for sharing your art with me! Made my day!






8 thoughts on “What Was I Doing?

  1. Terry R Owenby

    Boy, Sheila, do I ever understand putting something on the scanner and … . LOL Thank you for posting my card. I’m glad you and the others who commented here like it so much. I never dreamed it would strike a chord with anyone. But I’m glad it did with you, sweet friend. 🙂

    1. Sheila Post author

      I think it is wonderful, in all it’s unfinished glory! I also think you need to pull out those unfinished paintings… and see what other treasures are waiting there. Thanks again Terry, have an awesome week my talented friend 🙂 (glad you got a kick out of my senior moment,lol)

  2. Dotty Seiter

    Unfinished, cropped, forgotten, remembered … you and Terry are singing my song! I don’t know what the larger piece looks like but the found composition is delightful. I love the textured stories it tells, love the use of negative space, love this vase of fireworks!


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