30 In 30, Day Twenty-Two

This needs a bit more work. Some of the petals fade a bit, which is what I wanted. Trying to decide if I should take a pen to it, or just scrub out some of the sky area. The leaves need more detail too. But for today, this is my painting. What do you think it needs? This happened quite fast, and I am pleased with it even if it is unfinished.

Enjoy your afternoon, I am on my way to  BBQ Ribs. YUM!

More great art at Leslie’s site – Enjoy!

watercolor on 140 lb. cold press paper. © Sheila Delgado 2013

Cyclamen, watercolor on 140 lb. cold press paper. 6 x 8 © Sheila Delgado 2013

4 thoughts on “30 In 30, Day Twenty-Two

  1. Joan

    This painting is beautiful, Sheila. Personally, I wouldn’t do a thing to it. Especially, the flowers and the stems, and leaves. They are beautifully painted, and their shapes are lovely. I like the color of the sky as well because to me it gives the painting depth and pushes the flowers to the foreground, so I wouldn’t touch the sky either. But,…with all that said… this is your painting, and you must do what your heart tells you.

    This one could be a greeting card, too.

    Enjoy those BBQ Ribs!!!


    1. Sheila Post author

      Thank You Joan 🙂 You are the third person to tell me to leave it alone, so I am going to leave it alone. I have been looking at it today on my shelf, and I think if i add any pen, it will completely take away from the delicate feel. Thanks so much Joan for responding to me!


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