watercolor postcard

August Birthday Postcard Swap

The borrowers are at it again. I have searched high and low and everywhere in between. No really, I got down on my hands and knees to look under the chair and behind the desk. My brand new little book of stamps is missing. 

I went thru my wallet & my purse, which I just cleaned out last night. Nope. And I recently vacuumed out the car, and cleaned under the seats, so I know the book did not fall into any hidden spaces there. I clearly remember taking it out of my purse when I got home. And there is only one place I would put them, which is exactly where they go, where my postcard stamps are. In the drawer marked “Office”. As in supplies. As in stamps. 

You know what this means right? AAUGH! (A la Charlie Brown.) I am going to have to do a serious tearing apart, I mean cleaning. But my everything-in-its-place gene seems to be on vacation. So I will wait a few days and hope that Arrietty takes pity on me and returns the book while I am sleeping.

This month there is just one birthday we are celebrating in the Milliande Birthday Postcard Swap. I also included a “Believe” bookmark. (The freebie from my earlier post) and I made a tassel with cobalt blue glass beads on it. This was is watercolor, pen and pastel.

watercolor postcard

4 x 6 watercolor, pastel, pen

Hope you all are having a HaPpY dAy too!




2 thoughts on “August Birthday Postcard Swap

    1. Sheila Post author

      Thank you Caitie 🙂 You know… “that thing you are looking for is always in the last spot you look”… so I guess I am just not done looking yet. :))


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